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August 30th, 2002

‘m off to minnesota for the weekend (well.. in a couple hours anyways… but this will be my last post before leaving for the weekend) i may find some free time and blog from minnesooooota… but no promises.. so go chat at the boards. *hint hint* have a great weekend everyone! 😀


August 29th, 2002

this is sad. i get my webpage back up after a grueling couple of weeks, and now ‘m slacking on posting. i had so much to say when my webpage was down, and now look at me *grin*

but anyway, ‘m blogging as my “break” from cleaning my room…. (well.. the cleaning is going really slow, because it consists mostly of looking through the old stuff i find and reminiscing) since my room looks like my closet puked all over my floor. (yea… graphic picture.. but trust me.. i’s a disaster in here!) i figured i should clean my room and maybe do some laundry before we go to minnesota for the weekend (ahhh! i ca’t wait!!!)… since classes start up right when we get back. (yuck. ‘m not looking forward to classes to start.. can you tell?)

some times… when i really clean my room, ‘ll take the time to look at the stuff that ‘m cleaning. and i always find pictures. (go fig. *grin*) pictures from recent occasions most of the time, but every so often, i find older pictures, and i am always taken back in time to remember those days. ‘m taken back and remember the friends i had and have not talked to in years… the friends who have passed away…. the friends who have changed. i look at how things were, and i smile. but then i remember how _I_ was in those days. how on the outside i was happy, smiley and care-free. but in the inside i felt depressed… alone… empty. it makes me so much more thankful for my life today…. a life filled with joy (joy is not the absence of trouble, but the presence of Christ)

as i listen out my window, and hear the freshman coming back from the parties down the street… intoxicated… shouting… laughing… running… falling…….. i am reminded of how many people have that emptiness in their life. it breaks my heart. but mountains will be moved this year. i am sure of it.

comfort in Go's arms

August 26th, 2002

Arms of Love

(words and music by Craig Musseau)

I sing a simple song of love

to my Savior, to my Jesus.

‘m grateful for the things yo’ve done,

my loving Savior, my precious Jesus.

My heart is glad

that yo’ve called me your own

Ther’s no place ‘d rather be

than in your arms of love,

in your arms of love,

Holding me still,

holding me near

in your arms of love.

random camping trip anyone?

August 24th, 2002

talk about randomness… last night (thursday to friday) i was talked into going dragged on a random camping trip with some friends.. i put over 300 miles on my car in this short little trip… but i have to admit.. it was fun. ‘m not a big camping/outdoorsy/nature type person, (specially since i hate spiders and bugs SOOO much! i am deathly afraid of them! no joke!) but it was nice to get out and sleep among Go’s beautiful creation. (even though it rained pretty much the whole time.)

i would type more, but ‘m falling asleep in my chair. o hey… if you have’t joined the soulfire boards yet, go do so… and start posting. i’s pretty fun… and ‘m sure it will only get more fun, more random and more hilarious as more of you join. 🙂
good night all!


August 22nd, 2002

do you ever feel overwhelmed and unmotivated… and realize you are running out of time and then wonder if God ever gets sick of bailing you out of the holes you dig for yourself? so yea… tracy has lots to do, and ‘m sure God will help give me the strength and ambition to get everything done… He always does.

-o- and a completely unrelated thought… i finally got my name this! page working… so go name my car *grin*

well… this took me forever!

August 21st, 2002

guess what? i FINALLY got my lifest 2002 pictures up!! 🙂 (ther’s over 450 pictures in there. and tha’s just a small taste of all the pictures i took that weekend. *grin*) enjoy!


August 20th, 2002

i ca’t seem to put any of my thoughts into words at the moment. so her’s a picture that has a special place in my memory and my heart (i’s a picture of cari and claire taken at lifest this summer)

living on the edge

August 19th, 2002

what a day. 🙂

i went to my cousi’s birthday party (h’s 21. i feel old. my “little” cousins are getting older… and MUCH taller than me.. ahh!) and had a chance to talk to family for a bit… and watch others get thrown in the pool with their clothes on. (heh) i also always seem to leave my family with lots of food! my roommates love me because of all the food i bring home for them. hehe

anyway, the most important part of my day was later when i went to church at my friend am’s church. i really do like that church, and it was a good thing that i decided to go tonight (even though i lost track of time and ended up getting there late, and almost could’t find my other friends who were already in church).

the sermon tonight was about “living on the edge.” it was really good for me to hear. the passage was about the “twin cities”, sodom and gomorrah, being destroyed. the’citie’ represented sin, and God telling lot to leave the city behind, and head far away to the mountains, represented Go’s calling us to leave behind the sinful life, and find true life, joy and freedom in His presence. lot did’t want to go too far from the city where he had made his <i'hom', so he bargained with God to flee to a smaller town just outside the cities. this is what we tend to do in our own lives …. we want to’live on the edg’ …. not leave our past completely behind us and move far away. why? fear, indecision, doubt? *shrugs*

anyway, the sermon was really awesome, and the pastor even brought a dog into the church for his sermon. it was pretty funny to see the dog running around on a long leash… and jumping up on the pews etc. 🙂 (mind you, this is a HUGE church. i think this place can seat over 1,200 people) and the dog on the leash tied in perfectly with the sermon topic, which i found pretty cool. when living on the edge, we are just like the dog… always trying to tug on the leash to get further, but going back to the owner when we need something (like the treat of a piece of chicken that the dog so anxiously went back for.) and then running back to where our interests lie… in the world.

anyway, before i make this post WAY too long for my own good, ‘m just gonna say that the lesson today was very good, and that our decisions to follow Christ should be all or nothing… not “living on the edge” between both choices…
i choose Christ.

reflecting back

August 18th, 2002

driving home at 2 am through north-downtown milwaukee gave me some time to reflect. the summer is pretty much over with. ‘ll probably never experience another summer like this one. i ca’t even put into words how awesome this summer has been!! i will miss these times. i will miss these people. but in my reflecting, i realized that i could be sad about people leaving and things changing, or i could be thankful that God has blessed me with such awesome memories. God has brought some amazing people into my life this summer, and i love them soooooo much. they are an answer to my prayers, and while some move away, i know i will see them again. (if not in this lifetime, i will see them again in heaven — not that my friends are leaving me for good, but even this so-called “worst case” scenario is not a negative)

so anyway, before i ramble myself to tears (happy tears, cuz like i said, ‘m gonna look at this from the positive side, and thank God for every moment of my life that was blessed by these people.) i am off to bed. have a great night everyone!

August 17th, 2002

'm Happy!