August 22nd, 2002

do you ever feel overwhelmed and unmotivated… and realize you are running out of time and then wonder if God ever gets sick of bailing you out of the holes you dig for yourself? so yea… tracy has lots to do, and ‘m sure God will help give me the strength and ambition to get everything done… He always does.

-o- and a completely unrelated thought… i finally got my name this! page working… so go name my car *grin*

7 Responses to “ack”

  1. iris says:

    i feel your pain, tray 😀 but then i always find myself’being abl’ to do them…. no matter what. God is so good, right? hehe

  2. Erin says:

    I really feel your pain. I can relate. I feel so busy all the time, and sometimes I wonder if God gets sick of all the complaining I do.

  3. sar says:

    i feel like that all too much, tray. hope right about now, yo’re feeling a bit more motivated not (just now it took me forever to type’no’ i kept typing BIT! – haha.) and hey! i named yer car. it ws the first name that came to me when i looked at yer car. i think yo’ll need to look no longer. baha.

  4. sar says:

    er my whole comment messed uo cause while i was explaining to you my typo, i forgot to finish the sentence! lol, doh! ‘m retarded.

    anywayy, i meant a bit more motivated if not more! yeah!

  5. tray says:

    haha! sar… you are just toooooo adorable! 😀

  6. Christopher says:

    Boy can I relate! Good thing God loves us!!!

  7. esteban says:

    sar IS something is’t she? *smiles*

    anyway, dude(et), you sorta stole the words out of my mouth. if i was’t so lazy, i probably would have written them some time ago…

    personaly, i think God simply refrains from squishing me. i know it must be SOOOOOO tempting for Him. imagine God looking down on my life… and me being stupid again.


    well… if i were God i would do it at least… eep!

    okay now… motivate your self! my name is matt foly and i am a motivational speaker…!!!

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