things i learned today….

September 11th, 2002

  • zippers are really hot when right out of the dryer
  • the F#m guitar chord slices, dices and baby-sits your kids……
  • a 70 sheet, 1 subject spiral notebook is not big enough for notes from a class like philosophy 101
  • according to the ancient greek philosopher, pamemdes, nothing changes in the universe. things only appear to change, but it really does’t change. *blank look*
  • according to thales and other pre-soeratic greek philosophers, rocks have souls. *another blank look*
  • i hate philosophy
  • i ca’t even spell philosophy correctly!! (thanks spell check!)
  • doing laundry at 4am really stinks. (well… maybe it stinks all the time (specially when i’s dirty.. hehe)… but just go with me on this one)
  • moths can be as big as a golf ball. how do i know this? i saw a huge moth on my way downstairs just a minute ago. it freaked me out!
  • i AM a rockstar.
  • extra cheddar cheese goldfish are made from unbleached enriched wheat flour [flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate (vitamin b1), riboflavin (vitamin b2), folic acid], partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening (canola, soybean, cottonseed and/or sun-flower oils), cheddar cheese [(pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt enzymes), water, salt], salt.
  • extra cheddar cheese goldfish are still yummy
  • i still have a lot of work ahead of me, but God is good…. all the time…. everything will work out.

  • 8 Responses to “things i learned today….”

    1. noonee says:

      yo’re so right!
      yo’re just right
      even if i do’t know what a moth is(‘m just checking my ALD) and never had some of your american yummy stuff
      yo’re right tray
      have a nice day, tray =)
      oh man.
      (‘m bored. sorryyyyy!)
      take care.

    2. annette says:

      tracy.. you need some sleep 🙂 dude, ‘m on the front again! i might throw up!!

    3. tray says:

      ok. another thing i learned. the squirrels here around uwm are very aggressive. one was just climbing on the outside of my window (mind you.. i am on the SECOND FLOOR) it scared me half to death to hear scratching outside my window…. and the squirrel just looked at me… like”what are you doing here. give me food. make yourself usefu”

    4. sar says:

      that was fun to read, tray. it made me smile. huge moths are taking over the place, i have seen two hulk sized ones in the passed month!! aaahh.

    5. Hershey says:

      Oh, yes — squirrels can be VERY aggressive critters, to be sure!!! We have a box full of birdseed on the back porch, and trying to scare away the squirrels that help themselves to a free meal has become something of a sporting event. In most cases, the’re SOOOO arrogant that you literally have to open the door and chase them out, or send a dog after them. 😉

      Maybe some of our Missouri-squirrels have made their way up to Wisconsin. 😉 Or vice-versa…

    6. julia says:

      ‘m seriously considering doing a”When Squirrels Attac” piece for the news show I work with. maybe i can come to Mkee to see what your psycho squirrels are like. ours are satanic, i swear

    7. Christopher says:

      Oh! Thanks you I learned all kinds of things. I already knew about the hot zipper, found out the hard way.

    8. iris says:

      yay for goldfish! 😀

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