pedro the car…

September 25th, 2002

thanks to tayler my car finally has a name. pedro the car. there were so many good suggestions, it was insanely hard to pick one. so yea… now go name the rubber chicken 🙂

o yea, and i just have to say that i am sooo excited that i am the newest intern at “the fish” (radio station)! yay! 😀

and since i am tired… 😎 have to be up in a couple hours… 😕 and really curious… 💡 while i was looking through my b2 config file… 😈 i saw all the little :redface: face icons that b2 offers… ➡ and i 😡 want to try them out... 😐 hehehe 🙄 so… 😯 bear… 😉 with…. 👿 🙁 me …. 😆 *grin* :mrgreen:

6 Responses to “pedro the car…”

  1. iris says:

    congrats, tray! woah there.. calm down with those face icons. haha 😀

  2. tray says:

    hehe. i could’t resist *grin*

  3. jules says:

    wow cool! wha’s your job going to be?

  4. tray says:

    well.. looks like just doing whatever needs to get done around the office… as well as webpage updates *grin* wheeee 😀

  5. sar says:

    yay! i love all of those faces. 😀

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