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i still have charcol on my hands

September 9th, 2002

i drew air in class today.

yep. air

gone for the weekend…

September 6th, 2002

i will soon be on my way up to green lake, wisconsin for the weekend. (well… kinda for the weekend. i have a class on saturday …. *gag*…. so i have to drive back to milwaukee tomorrow morning and then drive back up to green lake. how stinky is that? bleh)

i still have’t gotten the pictures done from our trip to minnesota last weekend, as well as all the pictures from australia… and ‘ll be adding more pictures in my <i'to d' list this weekend… ahh! so anyways. just hang tight. and talk amongst yourselves 😛

oooh the excitement

September 5th, 2002

just a quick update. ‘m still alive. in the third day of classes (actually ‘m in a class right now) and still breathing. (although, i am about to throw this computer out the window pretty soon… heh)

i do’t have much to say. i have a ton of pictures to get up on my webpage, and ‘ll be working on that tonight and tomorrow morning. also news from other people… brianna has some great news, and will soon be joining jen and keely in the married world. nikki informed me the other day that she bought a domain. 🙂 and speaking of new domains, donaville recently bought a beautiful new domain, with an awesome design, as always. 🙂

also, things are going pretty good at the boards, so come and join the fun 🙂 -o- and i think i will decide on a name for my car pretty soon. there are a lot of good suggestions in my name this page, but go and suggest some more, ‘ll probably make a choice and put up a new <b'name thi' next week sometime. 🙂

welllp. better get back to paying attention in class. *grin*

gotta love it

September 4th, 2002

well my first day of classes is now past. one class i am looking forward to. the other i am already dreading. and while that class brought my day down… God still brightened my day with my friend amy coming over, and then cari stopping over unexpected. i’s amazing how God can do just the thing to make a bad day…. not so bad. 🙂

and now i have another day of classes ahead of me, which i should really start getting ready for soon 😛

for the love!!

September 3rd, 2002

a super weekend is past me… and classes are ahead. now that my car is nicely tucked in i’s bed in the garage after a good 1,200 some odd miles were added to i’s life, and i am back at my computer (ahhh *lazy smile*) with much to say, i have no energy to type. (plus.. classes start tomorr– er.. today BAHH! *grin*)

however, i do want to briefly say how awesome my weekend was. (and how awesome God is!) i was reminded again how extremely blessed i am with the friends God has put in my life. just hanging out, laughing, and praying with these girls is so awesome. it is true that God knows the desires of our hearts, and will provide for us when we seek Him. i have proof. 😀