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pitty post

October 27th, 2002

ok. i just feel bad that i have’t posted in a bit…. so here goes a random and fairly useless post. (yay for random jabber….)

so yea. tonight was the chris rice concert. it was pretty funny actually. chris forgot the words to two of his songs while he was singing. he stopped and played with the reflection of the spotlight (from off his guitar) on the wall… and commented on how it looked like a fish. *grin* i loved how random he was. (like me!) 🙂

more pictures will be on the way… i took three rolls at chris rice… another bunch of pictures from shoutfest that i have yet to put online. be patient please. i finally got my landry done… since it was to the point where my laundry pile was larger then my closet! (and if you think ‘m exaggerating, think again…) i still need to clean my room (my scanner is buried… my laptop is buried… and i ca’t open half the drawers in my desk. this is getting bad. anyone want to clean for me?) and do homework. (yay for homework. heh)

i went to a dance performance last night. it was definitely interesting. it was cool to learn that my good friend marcos was dancing with this group. matt came with me …. totally last minute. we both agree that we will probably never understand what we saw. heh

this morning laura, glynn and i came up with a banner design for uw’s campus crusade. (it will be a ‘ x ‘ poster to be hung in the union.)

so yea. tha’s pretty much all i have to say. and i did’t even say anything of any substance. -o- how thrilling my life has been lately *grin* heh. ‘m gonna go to bed now. i play in church tomorrow. YAY! and i get an extra hour of sleep. (another yay!)
o yea. ‘m supposed to say “annette rocks” so… yea. there we go. night night. *waves*

God is good

October 22nd, 2002

i just need to post quick and say God rocks!

first off, shoutfest was super cool. we got to hang out and talk to the guys from salvador again, and to my surprise, they even remembered us. heh. talk about the coolest guys to hang out with! i just love their music that much more after seeing how down to earth and genuine about their faith they are. if you get a chance. go see salvador in concert… and dance like david did. 🙂

another band that i definitely recommend to see live is rock” roll worship circus. i had heard of them before, but now after seeing how devoted they are to touching the heart of God through worship, i have become a big fan. seeing these four on stage, giving all their energy to worship instead of performing is such an encouragement. go worship with them sometime, i’s an awesome experience.

and tonight we went to brady street to worship for our ABC (arts based church) service this week. it was so encouraging to see the people God brought to that corner to listen to the music… to talk to us… to have a cup of hot chocolate… to sing along. God always amazes me with the many <i'divine appointment' He arranges.

ok. someone tell me why am i still up? i got up early monday morning, after only a couple hours of sleep. now here it is 1:30am, and i am still so pumped from our worship on the street corner! 🙂 God rocks! have i said that lately? can i say it again? GOD ROCKS! 🙂

now. i should get to bed. i have to get up very soooooon. 😀 heh (soo much for the “quick” post *grin*)

yay for homework day

October 19th, 2002

endless hours at the computer proves to be productive…. today at least.” – the headlining article in the <i'tracy app' life" newspaper…. 🙂

so wanna see what ‘ve been’creating</b'? sure ya do. her’s a “web version” of my life collage i did today for my body sense class. make sure to click on all the pictures to get a little bigger detail. (the actual files are much bigger… each picture is a full 8.5×11″ page graphic… at like 200 dpi… hehehe. my computer did’t crash once. yay for ma’s! *grin*)

also last week i did a drawing in class that i actually really like. surprisingly my teacher liked it too. so i have to share. i’s an 18×24″ drawing in pastel. the assignment was to take a “masters drawing” from her selection, and a still life that we created, and create an original piece using both. click the thumbnail for a larger picture (and sorry that the colors are all messed up. my digital camera</b's capture of the drawing does't do the colors justice… so yo’ll just have to come over to my house to see the original drawing *grin*)

pastel drawing

ooh yea…. shoutfest tomorrow! yay! 😀


October 15th, 2002

i just have to post these:
(click the thumbnails for a full size)

me and steve
(me and steven curtis chapman)

me and chris
(me and chris tomlin)

the end. now i gotta go do my homework for my next class. *waves*

some pics to tide you over…

October 12th, 2002

it will be a while till i get my 17 rolls of pictures back and up on here. but for now, here are some pics that i took off my digital camera from the past couple days. (and again, i want to apologize for all you modem visitors, you all must hate me by now! but these pictures were just too good not to post! 🙂 )

nichole nordeman in the studio

(nichole nordeman live on the fish morning show)

dana, d, nichole, danny

(nichole nordeman with the morning show: dana, d, nichole, danny)

danny with a bottle on his head

(danny clayton with a bottle on his head, while we were waiting for chris tomlin to show up at the studio. see… radio people are just as normal (???) as everyone else…. *grin*)

chris tomlin at the studio

(chris tomlin in the studio with todd christopher for a live interview)

chris reading the weather

(chris reading (and making fun) of the milwaukee weather *grin* [chris tomlin is from texas, so our weather seemed a bit strange to him for some reason :-)] )

human fish

(these girls were so excited to meet “radio people” here they are on the floor making a giant fish. [see it?])

so tha’s all for now. ‘ll have tons of pictures to post once i get my pictures back! 🙂

a quick note

October 12th, 2002

the past three nights, i went to three concerts. pictures and updates SOON! *runs to get 17 rolls of film developed*

a modem use's nightmare

October 7th, 2002

more pictures *grin*

fall retreat was stupendous. God was present, working and speaking all weekend. i had such a blast hanging out with friends from uwm, and meeting new friends from other schools. i took plenty of notes from the speaker and workshops, so when i am feeling a little less overwhelmed with homework, ‘ll have to post some of those lessons.

but for now, i spent yesterday getting these 200+ pictures from retreat uploaded… here are some of my favs(sorry modem users… this may take a while to load…. )

yay us!
(katie, darcy and me)

you ca't see me
(cari hiding in the shrubbery… wearing li’s glasses… *shrugs* i do’t know why my friends are so strange. :-P)

jason and annette
(annette took this picture of herself. i find this too easy…. now my friends are taking weird pictures of themselves so they can go on my webpage. *waves* hi annette *grin* ‘m sure everyone at the fish will like this picture of you. :-))

rockin out with our bad selves
(me and kyle [and glynn, wh’s not in the picture] playing random songs during the talent show/open mic night.)

the happy dance
(kyl’s tallent…)

(hanging out at the bonfire)

new do
(me with my hair braided. there were five people braiding my hair… ther’s pictures of the process within the 212 pictures from this weekend. :-))

bonfires are fun!
(another picture from the bonfire, yay us!)

da group
(the group shot. [even though some people left early… ])

ok. tha’s enough for now. go here for all the pictures from fall retreat 🙂

over the river and through the woods to… lake geneva we go….

October 4th, 2002

*waves* ‘m off to lake geneva this weekend, for our fall retreat for campus crusade for Christ. i had such a blast last year at fall retreat, and that was when i did’t know anyone there. ‘m sure fall retreat is gonna be so much more cool now that i have made so many close friends through crusade. and an added bonus, now that i am on the worship team, i get to take a drum set with me this year. i always look forward to worship, (and especially leading worship) Go’s presence is so powerful, so peaceful, so moving, so awesome!

speaking of Go’s awesomeness, last night at our crusade meeting, i had the opportunity to share my testimony. let me tell you, it is awesome how God answers prayers, and then goes above and beyond what we ask. last night was just one example of that. God seems to like doing that actually, yet it always floors me when it happens. God just rocks. end of story! *grin*

so now, i must go do laundry so i have some clothes to pack for our retreat *grin* (‘m sure my friends would appreciate that) *waves* God bless your weekend!

a bread crumb and fish

October 1st, 2002

random thought, chicken in a biscuitwho in the world came up with such a wacky idea? and why are chicken in a biscuit sooooo good? arg!

and today was my first day working at the fish. exciting stuff i tell ya! and danny clayton was buggin me about being on my blog… so *waves* HI DANNY! 🙂 ‘m happy i could convert yet another <b'times new roma' user to another font. 😛 heh