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more movies please…

November 30th, 2002

yes. yes i did add more movies. i got so much great “footage” from our last campus crusade party here at my place, i had to split it up into many sections. three five six just added. more on the way. enjoy!! 🙂

oh. and if you are bored. go ahead and take a tracy quiz. the end.

do't eat too much turkey

November 27th, 2002

‘m posting my thanksgiving message early. 🙂 i hope everyone has a most blessed thanksgiving. (and for those of you who do’t have thanksgiving, well… have a great thursday. heh) if you travel, travel safe. if you are with family, cherish every moment God gives you with them. if you have food on the table, be thankful, for not everyone has that luxury. but most of all, be thankful that God is alive and present in the world today.

so her’s a very incomplete list of what ‘m thankful for:

  • my awesome, loving and very entertaining family
  • the most wonderful friends in the world
  • everything i need, supplied by God
  • my best friend Jesus, who comforts me daily
  • hands that can serve
  • a joy and peace from God that words cannot explain
  • YOU!

and the list goes on…. but i’s my bedtime. 🙂 so here is my thanksgiving present to you!

thank you!

good night everyone! i love you all!

long time no post….

November 26th, 2002

*yawn* yea. ‘m still alive. lets have a short recap of my weekend

  • i participated in a’counter-protest</a'/peace rally against the kkk and other white supremacist groups who came to milwaukee on saturday.
  • blindvision played its one and only’gig</b' *grin*
  • i drove over 1,500 miles this weekend (to minnesota. back. to minnesota again. back… again. heh 🙂 )
  • ‘m exhausted
  • ‘m broke
  • ‘m blessed (what awesome friends i have!)
  • God is good
  • ALL the time
  • God answers prayers
  • everything will work out 🙂
  • and now i’s time for me to
  • stop making bullet points and
  • GO TO BED!
  • *grin*
  • yay

    November 20th, 2002!

    forgot to tell you…

    November 19th, 2002

    yea. remember when i said that i had uploaded some mp3s from our campus crusade worship team? i just realized that i had’t told you that i uploaded another three songs from our meeting last week. ‘ll probably add more this thursday as well.. this is addicting! 😛 so anyways. go ahead and download all the music you can handle from here make sure to listen to “i cannot hide my love”…. i had never heard of the song before we played it… but it has become my new favorite worship song! 😀 (and again, note how awesome God is that we were able to play these two new songs, without having much good practice time together.. i got the chance to listen to “i cannot hide my love” THREE times before playing it… i listened to “i will bow” only ONCE before playing it…. so yea… God rocks.. i ca’t say that enough. He really <i'took ove'…. again. 🙂 )

    anyways… enough slacking… off to do homework!


    November 18th, 2002

    what a beautiful email i got today. i just have to share

    Beautiful Person

    If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.

    If He had a wallet, your photo would be in it.

    He sends you flowers every spring.

    He sends you a sunrise every morning.

    Whenever you want to talk, He listens.

    He can live anywhere in the universe, but He chose… your heart.

    Face it friend, He loves you!

    God did’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun

    without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the

    tears, and light for the way.

    wha's that? you wanted to buy a car stereo?

    November 14th, 2002

    *looks around*

    anyone want to buy a really nice car stereo?

    anyone.. anyone….

    it plays mp3 cds… and it looks pretty all lit up 🙂

    so go ahead… *wink wink nudge nudge* 🙂

    cornerhouse clean-o-ramma!

    November 10th, 2002

    our house is CLEAN.

    you have to SEE it to believe it!

    (and yes.. this was such a momentous occasion, i had to make a flash movie marking this day… sorry.. ‘m a nerd…. i’s my job. 🙂 heh)

    yay for mp3s!

    November 9th, 2002

    hey everyone. just a quick post. i added another crazy movie to my movies page from our trip to george web’s thursday night after our crusade meeting. i also made mp3s of our worship team from that night… so if you want some more songs to play on your computer, go nuts 😀 (i am just amazed by how God helps us pull off worship every week. we never run through all the songs all the way… and this week we had a new singer, who did’t even get the chance to practice with us once. God definitely rocks i tell ya!) i think ‘m gonna take my video camera to crusade more often… i really like having these mp3s to listen to…. maybe ‘ll make a cd to play in pedro the car someday….. 🙂

    ok. today is the “cornerhouse clean-o-ramma saturday”… so ‘m gonna get ready to clean till my fingers fall off. yay. 😐

    fried chicken… extra crispy

    November 6th, 2002


    I am linus

    Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

    gotta love those random survey things. *grin*

    so yea. i was gonna type something… but i completely forgot what….. *thinks* O YEA! check out my movies page, i added two new little silly movies. 🙂 ‘m having way too much fun with the video camera, and may throw some more movies together when i find another free moment. 🙂

    i finally named the chicken… and it was SO difficult! there were too many awesome names suggested… i had to pick one out of a hat! so anyway.. say hi to beaker

    also i have a ton of pictures to put online. i was in minnesoooooooota this weekend… and was blessed with time to reunite with lots of old friends. i also got a ton of hilarious pictures… just wait. yo’ll all love them * grin*

    but now i must go write a report. *waves*