fried chicken… extra crispy

November 6th, 2002


I am linus

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

gotta love those random survey things. *grin*

so yea. i was gonna type something… but i completely forgot what….. *thinks* O YEA! check out my movies page, i added two new little silly movies. 🙂 ‘m having way too much fun with the video camera, and may throw some more movies together when i find another free moment. 🙂

i finally named the chicken… and it was SO difficult! there were too many awesome names suggested… i had to pick one out of a hat! so anyway.. say hi to beaker

also i have a ton of pictures to put online. i was in minnesoooooooota this weekend… and was blessed with time to reunite with lots of old friends. i also got a ton of hilarious pictures… just wait. yo’ll all love them * grin*

but now i must go write a report. *waves*

17 Responses to “fried chicken… extra crispy”

  1. erin says:

    haha! tha’s a good one. i love the muppets.

  2. tray says:

    me mee meeep!!!


  3. erin says:

    gaah, i would never name anything bob. gotta be more creative than that.

  4. tray says:

    heh. thanks erin. 🙂

  5. iris says:

    i gotta have coleslaw n mashed potato w/ my fried chicken! 😀

  6. tray says:

    yuck on the coleslaw
    yum on the mashed potato…
    SUPER yum if the mashed potato has melted cheeeeeeeese on it!!!!! mmmm

  7. Matt says:

    ‘m linus as well.

  8. erin says:

    tracy, you should just make it a rule that if you suggest”bo” on name this, yo’ll be disqualified. forever. for-e-ver. for-e-ver….

  9. tray says:

    hahaha. i could totally hear the”for-e-ve” thing from some movie. *grin* i do’t even remember what movie…

  10. erin says:

    tha’s the one. great movie. 😆

  11. Glynn says:

    Snoopy, biatch.

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