do't eat too much turkey

November 27th, 2002

‘m posting my thanksgiving message early. 🙂 i hope everyone has a most blessed thanksgiving. (and for those of you who do’t have thanksgiving, well… have a great thursday. heh) if you travel, travel safe. if you are with family, cherish every moment God gives you with them. if you have food on the table, be thankful, for not everyone has that luxury. but most of all, be thankful that God is alive and present in the world today.

so her’s a very incomplete list of what ‘m thankful for:

  • my awesome, loving and very entertaining family
  • the most wonderful friends in the world
  • everything i need, supplied by God
  • my best friend Jesus, who comforts me daily
  • hands that can serve
  • a joy and peace from God that words cannot explain
  • YOU!

and the list goes on…. but i’s my bedtime. 🙂 so here is my thanksgiving present to you!

thank you!

good night everyone! i love you all!

10 Responses to “do't eat too much turkey”

  1. esteban says:

    thankful for… me?

    *she’s a tear*


  2. tray says:

    🙂 yes. you. you crazy esteban you 🙂

  3. Kelli says:

    Aw, what a lovely thankful list =) ‘m going to make a list on my site tonight too. Happy Thanksgiving Tray! Hope you and your family have a great one! ;D

  4. andrea says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too 🙂

  5. annette says:

    tracy is the COOLEST!!

  6. Matt says:

    I am thankful for Tracy Apps.

  7. esteban says:

    *looks up*

    i said tary. lol.

    sowwy. *hugs TRAY*

  8. tray says:

    hehehe. i’s ok steban 🙂 i did’t even notice 🙂

    awww… and thanks kelli, andrea, annette, matt and you too esteban

  9. iris says:

    belated happy thanksgiving, tray!

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