more movies please…

November 30th, 2002

yes. yes i did add more movies. i got so much great “footage” from our last campus crusade party here at my place, i had to split it up into many sections. three five six just added. more on the way. enjoy!! 🙂

oh. and if you are bored. go ahead and take a tracy quiz. the end.

10 Responses to “more movies please…”

  1. jules says:

    nice shirt, matt!

    yes, i made tray blog about this so i could say that. yo’re a nerd. i like you. can i take you home with me?

    did i say nice shirt?


  2. Denise says:

    THe quiz was very fun to do Tracy.

  3. Matt says:

    I like that shirt, but i’s in the begining stages of being worn out. Other nerd shirts I own include the windows blue screen of death shirt, the Terrible Secret of Space shirt, and the Icy Hot Stuntaz shirt.

  4. tray says:

    hahaha. i want a windows blue screen of death shirt. hehehe

  5. jules says:

    shirt i want:”talk nerdy to m”

  6. Matt says:

    hey, can you use italics in the comments?

  7. tray says:

    hehe. guess soooo *grin*

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