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off to minnesooooooooota

December 28th, 2002

well all… ‘ll be away from my computer for the next couple days. the twin cities Xperience (aka, Christmas conference) for campus crusade for Christ is from december 28th through january 1st. so ‘ll be in minnesoooooooota 😛 ‘m really looking forward to tcX, and spending some time with sarah as well. 🙂

also i took a whole mess of pictures on my pencam today. so i updated my photoblog three times tonight. i think ‘m enjoying this little camera a wee bit too much! *shrugs* o well. 🙂

anyway… i still have to pack… and i should probably get plenty of sleep before driving the van for over 5 hours straight. so *waves* see ya next year!!! *grin* have an awesome (and SAFE) new years! *hugz*


December 27th, 2002


new toys r us

December 26th, 2002

hope everyon’s Christmas was blessing filled! i know mine was OVERLY blessed! 😀

ther’s a new name this up for you all to… well… . name. (finally) it is one of my Christmas presents… an external 120 gig hard drive. 🙂

another one of my Christmas presents will be causing me to create a photoblog here at tadorg, so keep watch for that (i may go work on that after i finish this post. heh)

i also got a super awesome graphic from keely that made my day. 😀
yay for keely!


in addition to that photoblog, ‘m gonna go work on posting some pictures from just a little while ago, when pete (who was one of my housemates last year, and has been in colorado all this year) and cari stopped by for a visit. 🙂

how was everyon’s Christmas?

happy birthday Jesus!!!

December 25th, 2002

and merry Christmas to you all! i threw together a little graphic for ya. (sorry.. ‘m on an animated .gif kick. heh. ‘m a nerd)

before i fall asleep in this chair… i did add over 115 pictures to my picture section so feel free to check out the crazy pictures of our “girls night in.”

i also have lots to write about, but i have to be up in a couple hours. so ‘m going to bed, and i hope everyone has a most blessed Christmas! *hugz*
good night,
God bless and
i love you all!!!

denomination selector – o – ramma

December 23rd, 2002

over at i found this link to a Christian Denomination Selector quiz thing.

her’s my top 5 results…

#1 Presbyterian Church USA

#2 Assemblies of God

#3 Methodist/Weslyian Church

#4 Evangelical Lutheran Church

#5 Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church

so yesterday afternoon/night was an interesting experience. amy cut my hair (and that was entertaining in itself. sh’s just learning…. but she did a good job. 🙂 ) and almost burned her house down. (do’t ask. just smile and nod on this one) and we had some awesome bonding time. friends are such a blessing!

then i went to church, and met some other friends there. afterwards we went to culvers. mmmm.. culvers rocks. any-who, it was a great night with friends. and then to top it off, julia calls to tell me to go to bed… and we end up laughing so much/loud she woke up her sister. my bad *grin*

earlier this morning i got a phone call from someone at the fish, asking me to help out. so tha’s why ‘m posting, ‘m eating up some time before i have to leave. today andi miller from the fish is doing a project called “and’s miles of money” to raise money for milwaukee area food pantries. i get to go with her to different parts of the city. ‘m excited. i get to ride in the fish van! *grin* (the simple pleasures in life… hehehe)

so i’s about time i leave. *waves* ‘ll bring my camera so i can take some pictures to post 😀


December 22nd, 2002

what Jones Soda Flavor are you?

hehe. cute . but anyway. ‘ve had quite a productive couple of days . lots to say. no time to say it. i’s past my bedtime. ‘m playing the drums in church tomorrow… so sleep is a good idea. heh. *waves* night all!

old friends. good times

December 20th, 2002

i had the awesome opportunity to spend time with some old co-worker friends. it was great seeing these computer nerds again, (plus, shane grilled steaks… mmmmmmm) i must say i miss them lots. rarely have i ever have THAT much fun at work. ahhh.. the memories.

but anyway… heres some piiiiiictures from tonight

the girls.
(us girls… 🙂 )

wher'd mike go?
(joanne, mari, mike and sally)

sallyk and tray6
(sallyk and tray6)

sallyk and tedmond

i do't wanna know
(a priceless moment… captured for all to share…. *grin*)

ok. tha’s enough for now. ‘m resorting back to my <i'help des' lingo … and ‘m starting to call everyone by their login names instead of their names. hehe. (hence the reason why i automatically labeled the picture myself and sally “sallyk and tray6“… do’t ask. i’s nerdy. *grin*) i added two new sections of pictures. one of my da’s lodge installation…. and one from this party. so go to the picture section to see thooooose 🙂

also… i got my oil changed and my car cleaned today. yay me! my car is CLEAN! wheee! i also got some of my Christmas cards done. i need to send a bunch tomorrow… so that should be super fun. anywho… i’s past my bedtime.


December 16th, 2002

i feel like rambling for a bit. but first… today i put together an explanation to my recent artwork that i posted yesterday. so go check that out

so yea. ‘ve been chewing on some thoughts lately. it seems that i am the person guys come to when they want to talk about relationships. i have always been more on the tomboy side, so i guess this does’t surprise me. ‘m not the girl the guys fall madly in love with. ‘m the girl that the guys talk to when they fall madly in love with another girl. i guess this is a blessing, but sometimes it makes me feel like there is no guy out there for me. *shrugs* i know tha’s silly, because God is bigger than i can even fathom, and ‘m sure h’s got someone that would fall madly in love with a girl like me. maybe i’s cuz finals are stressing me out that ‘m thinking negatively about this. *shrugs* but God is good. (ALL the time.) God is madly in love with me, and you, otherwise He would’t have come down to earth to pay our debt. so ‘ll stop rambling out of my impatience and stress induced questions. 😛

in other news i got some shopping done yesterday… i ran into some friends today and yesterday that i had’t seen in almost forever… i am super surprised to learn that i am ranked #1 in the “average score” at blogs4God (wonder how long that will last *grin*. if you feel so moved… go ahead and vote down at the bottom of this page *points*)… and i turned in my drawing portfolio. one class left! gotta get working on that! *waves*

artwork = fun

December 15th, 2002

so i did some more artwork tonight. i feel like sharing some of my latest pieces with you all… so here ya go 😀 (click on the thumbnails to see a really bad digital photograph of each piece… )

first day music ministry - Christ music ministry - Word music ministry - music
necklace series singers multiple figures untitled - paint

-o- if anyone is interested in explanations of these works… leave a comment or email me… ‘d be happy to shed some light on the meanings behind each piece/series.

a break from

December 13th, 2002

after our crusade meeting last night i invited everyone to a random party at my house. we had green pizza (cut in <b'creativ' ways *grin*), played pool, ping-pong, took pictures and just hung out. it was fun. her’s some pics

me and cari
(tray-dawg n c-low… in da house!)

dave and levi
(dave and levi – looking really happy to have their picture being taken.)

do't ask....
(glynn, mike and nick…. uhhh… yea…. *smile* *nod*)

nick and mike
(i do’t know.. i just do’t know. *grin*)

(glynn begging for forgiveness…. for accidently deleting all the pictures off my digital camera…)

so yea.. ther’s a couple more pictures from the party here….. but not many. . (see above picture for the reason why. *grin*)