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no. the dirty laundry pile did not eat tracy

January 31st, 2003

i’m freezing. i suppose if i stopped eating ice i would not be. *shrugs* o well

but anyways, i’ve been so bad at posting at my webpage, you would think that i had no life to talk about, but it’s the opposite actually. life has been difficult and awesome at the same time. i was dropped from all my classes before the semester, because they didn’t get my payment in time. so it’s been a struggle to get back into my classes. but sure enough the excuse “i’m graduating in may” actually works! 😀

and now that i’m in my classes, i’m excited for the semester. i’ve got one structured class (public speaking), two semi structured classes (photo techniques & a film class), and one completely open class. (fibers workshop) and in that class i just have to come up with some art projects, of my choice, no limits, no criteria. i love the freedom, and i’m super geeked about my first project idea. it’s taken from the Bible, II corinthians 4, 7-15, with the main focus of the project on the “earthen vessels” (which are the clay jars used for oil and grain.) which are put through an intense process by the potter to make them into beautiful, useful jars. i just find it awesome that God is the master potter, and we are His masterpiece. we go through tough times, but at all times we are in the strong, loving, caring hands of our Lord. and i still find it amazing that He will never throw away a piece of clay.

i’ve got a lot of other things to update you on, like how much fun i had at winterjam, but i’ll wait till i get the 12 rolls of film back from that. i also must say that there is such an awesome “renewed spirit” at crusade this semester. after the break, so many people are back with a revived fire, it’s so encouraging! i also have to say that i’ve seen numerous prayers answered lately, it’s awesome! and now, i’m gonna go work on something, maybe getting some pictures up… maybe working on homework… maybe changing out of my pj’s… or maybe i’ll just sit here eating more ice. *grin*

i's taking over!!! ahh!

January 27th, 2003

what does this mean?
TON of dirty clothes!

yep. time to do laundry!!! ack!

lack of postage…

January 24th, 2003

sorry peeps. i’ve been busy with lots of stuff, and haven’t had time to post. i’m trying to get back into my classes, so that i can graduate, so that’s the main priority right now.

i also must say that justin rocks, cuz he helped me get my 120 gig hard drive working again. 🙂

and another thing, crusade was just what i needed. God is awesome, and i’m seeing prayers being answered so much lately. when i’m not so tired, i’ll have to post about some of the awesome things He has been doing lately. 🙂

one last thing, if you want to see a video i made with a small sample of all the video i took at the tcx conference over break.. check out my movies page. it’s a 16 mb file, so i’m sorry for all you modem people, it will take a while. but it is pretty cool if i do say so myself. i don’t know much about video editing, and i just played around in imovie for a while. so i’m happy with how it turned out.

off to bed. *waves*

it still smells like paint….

January 21st, 2003


our new living room

(look at our new living room. :-))

before and after

(before and after)

so the new colors in the living room are rad 🙂 (and yes, i just used the word rad)

anyways, today when i donated blood, the blood center had the radio tuned to the fish. so i was singing along while i was being drained. and the funny thing is, the lady donating next to me, knew pretty much everyone at the fish, so we talked about the dj‘s, and concerts, and Christian music in general. it was super fun. 🙂

classes start tomorr— err… wait. it’s already tomorrow. soo.. classes start today. EEK! i need to go to bed. 😛 but before i do, if you have a free moment or two or thirty seven, check out the “Tales?of?the?Blode”… part one, two, three, four, five and six. these are HILARIOUS i tell ya! me and justin were watching them tonight. hehe.

anywho. i need to get to bed in order to be conscious for my classes today. good night!

smell that paint…

January 20th, 2003

uhhh…. it’s almost 5 am. one of my roommates is painting our living room.

that’s all.
good night


January 19th, 2003

again 🙂


January 14th, 2003

so… the video that i commented about will be a little longer wait. why you ask? well my external hard drive went crazy this morning, and something got corrupted. now it cannot be recognized by my computer. just my luck. 20+ hours of work could be down the drain. *sigh*

but now, i must drive to minnesota again. *waves*

howdy stranger….

January 10th, 2003

welcome to <i'tracy did a really bad job of updating her pag’ *grin*

so a quick recap of my last random week… friday i drove to mankato, kidnapped sarah, drove back to milwaukee, and we hung out around milwaukee, visiting friends, driving around, being random, etc. till wednesday, when i drove back to mankato, stayed overnight there, and then drove back to milwaukee the next day. needless to say, i have a whole bunch of pictures i have to upload soon…

*whew* nothing like putting over 2,000 miles on my car in a week i tell ya *grin*

and now i have much sleep to catch up on… so go and check out some new pictures on my photoblog, and keep the name suggestions comi’!

if you have a spare moment hour or two….

January 3rd, 2003

yes. ‘ve got a couple (can 299 be considered “a couple?” *shrugs*) pictures up from tcx

lindsay, me, sarah, sho
(four girls walking the streets of downtown,

one nerdy enough to come up with the idea to take their picture in one of those convex mirrors. heh)

lindsay, me, grace and laura

(lindsay, me, grace and laura in the elevator)

womens spa night

(wome’s spa night :-))


(justin taking a picture of grace taking a picture with my camera. justin, the fellow mac nerd has several awesome pictures at go look for the pic he took in this pic…. *pause* uhh.. make sense?)

worship team

(part of the worship team)


(dancin up a storm in 2003!!!)

the girls

(sarah, me, jessica, lindsay, grace, sho and laura)

check out all 299 pictures from tcx here. also, sarah and justin have some more pics if you get bored with mine *grin*

videos will be up soon.. *hopefully* but for now… ‘m off to bed!

welcome back tracy

January 1st, 2003

😀 ‘m back. and going to work on getting those 300 some odd pictures up now. (and i took video too… ‘ll get that up soon as well) hope everyon’s new years rocked as much as mine! (however i do think that my celebrations cannot be topped! wow.. God rocks!!!)

*goes to work on getting pictures off her cameras*