January 14th, 2003

so… the video that i commented about will be a little longer wait. why you ask? well my external hard drive went crazy this morning, and something got corrupted. now it cannot be recognized by my computer. just my luck. 20+ hours of work could be down the drain. *sigh*

but now, i must drive to minnesota again. *waves*

14 Responses to “*scream*”

  1. justin says:

    I assume complete responsibility =( Well not really.. but it musta been a little bit my fault. *scolds his iBook*

  2. justin says:

    oh, p.s. the video rocks 🙂

  3. jules says:

    seems like both our computers are having issues. how….quaint. hope it works soon!

  4. tray says:

    actually justin… the strangest thing about the HD… is that it worked after i plugged it back in… then i was playing it… and *poof* everything went psyco 😛

  5. justin says:

    yeah, so um. i was setting up my mail prog to use justin@finishtherace.net, then i realized that i have no mail.. anywhere. i check my sent folder.. nothing. so yeah.. um, it just decided to erase all my mail. I can get the received stuff back, but not anything i sent. woe are we!!

  6. Matt says:

    Sorry to hear about your HD pooping out on you, the video was cool, I hope you can recover it.

    Have fun in minnesota again.

  7. sar says:

    awwuh, im sorry about tha trays. :i

    i hope you’re able to recover the video alright. I WANNA SEE!

    no pressure or anything. baha.


    yessss. okay, nooo. 😀

    but you can still have hugs.

    drive safe to minnesotie dear.

  8. ouch Tray, that was me not the drive

  9. duuuuuude tray, guess who had a mission trip interview tonight and is going to Peru?????????????@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!??????????@#$%^&*()

  10. jules says:

    can people you don’t know be geeked about that too? WOOOO!

  11. tray says:

    leave it to julia to be geeked. 😛

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