January 19th, 2003

again 🙂

19 Responses to “back”

  1. jules says:

    welcome hoooooooome.

  2. tray says:

    hehehe. thannnnks guyyys.


  3. Denise says:

    Welcome Home Tracy. I hope you had a great time.

  4. Rebecca says:

    What have you been doing in Minnesota?

  5. Sarah says:

    Random comment, but a “Visit Wisconsin” commercial came on, and I saw that art museum from the Lake Michigan rd, and recognized it 😀

  6. tray says:

    i’ve definitely been driving back and forth to minnesota to pick up and drop off friends. 😛

    and that’s awesome sarah. hehe. did you feel special? *grin*

  7. justin says:

    wonder why i’ve never seen a visit wisconsin commercial. 🙁 *teehee*

  8. Sarah says:

    because you’re not cool enough to live in minnesota.

  9. Erika says:

    I wish I lived in minnesoooota… *sniffle* I think I may move to minnesota and go to college there. We shall see though…

    But Nebraska is way better. Everyone knows that… silly me… Anyway, welcome home tracy!

  10. nikkiana says:

    I want to know how you manage to get 12 (now 13) comments on your blog when all you write is a one word entry! *stews*

  11. Rebecca says:

    Yeah, and you didn’t tell me what you were doing in Minnesota

  12. justin says:

    oh contrare, nikkiana, she also had a smile. that counts for like, 10 words.

  13. Sarah says:

    Yeah, I wish I had this type of blog magnetism.

  14. tray says:

    hehe. i pay well… *grin*

  15. Glynn says:

    I think your friends need to get their own freaking cars.

  16. tray says:

    hehehe. sure. go ahead and buy them one. *grin*

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