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*rocks out*

February 25th, 2003

wow. what an awesome show! i’m STILL dancin!

pictures from the concert will hopefully be up soon! 😀

ok… time to brag about having the best parents in the world…

February 22nd, 2003

guess who just got two tickets to see Yolanda Adams & Kirk Franklin in concert monday? 😀 this is gonna be awesome night with my mom. 🙂 ooh i can’t wait! *dances*

before i fall asleep on my keyboard…

February 21st, 2003

i just have to post the latest songs from campus crusade this week. so go here to listen and/or download some mp3s. 🙂

also, i had my first major speech for my ‘public speaking‘ class this week wednesday, and it was super fun. i did the speech on Christian music (would you expect anything different from me? *grin*) and let me tell you, man was it hard to keep that speech under five minutes!

any-who. before i fall asleep sitting here.. AGAIN. i’m off to bed.

…with super suction ears!

February 17th, 2003

look.. i’m a larry-go-round…

you are larry. the silly. the childlike. it’s impossible not to like you. but grow up, would ya?
Take the test, by Emily.

😛 hehe. sorry.. that was way too cute to not post. *grin*

make a scarf happy today

February 16th, 2003

happy world scarf day! 🙂 join in the celebration and wear a scarf today. 😀

stererotypical wisconsin product

February 15th, 2003

ok. i just have to share something. i was at sentry the other night, and lay’s potato chips were on sale, three for five bucks. i couldn’t pass up this deal. and when i was strategically planning my purchase choice… i noticed one bag of “wisconsin cheddar” chips…. with your stereotypical “cheesehead” picture on the front.
i just want to publicly state, that i do NOT own one of those corny cheese wedge hats… nor will i ever purchase such a head adornment. don’t get me wrong, i absolutely LOVE wisconsin cheese. but i do not feel it necessary to adorn my head with a foam rubber replica of the food. i actually know very few people who own such a hideous hat.

but anyways.. enough of my rambling. 😛

i's 6:15am…..

February 15th, 2003

why am i still up?

happy hallmark holiday

February 14th, 2003

happy valentine’s day everyone (or if you celebrate s.a.d. then happy singles awareness day to you)

i’ll admit, i’ve never really liked the holiday.. mostly cuz i usually spend the day by myself… nothing special to me by any means. we shouldn’t need a holiday to tell people we love them. plus. i hate the color pink. but whatever. *grin* but anyways… last night at our crusade meeting, it was so sweet…. all the guys gave each of the girls a rose
and in case you can’t read the tag attached to the rose, it says “you are the beautiful daughter of a King” 🙂

also at this crusade meeting, i played the guitar instead of the drums. kyle and i switched places, and we had becky and grace as our vocalists. i uploaded three of the songs we did, so go here and check those out. make sure to listen to our punk rawk version of ‘in the secret‘ *grin*

oh yea. my guitar still has no name.. hint hint. 😛

any-who, it’s after 3:30am, i need to get to bed. nighty night!

muliti-tasking queen

February 11th, 2003

here is what my computer screen looks like….
nerdy eh?
(nerdy muliti-tasking at it’s best… click for full size)

yep, that’s a screen shot of 18 IM windows, 17 ie windows, and a total of 10 programs running. (which is nothing for me… but some people seem baffled by that *shrugs*) and not only that, i have at least 20 empty ‘ice mountain‘ water bottles sitting on top of my scanner. what’s worse than having 20 empty bottles of water sitting here? how bout the fact that these are from this weekend. JUST the weekend.

oh yea. and pass the word along… feb 16 will be a special day.
world scarf day
so remember to honor world scarf day, and wear your favorite scarf on feb 16th, and take a picture of yourself doing so. 🙂

welp. i would write more, but i need to hit the hay. i have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning that i’m not looking forward to getting up for.

please pray

February 8th, 2003

i just got off the phone with julia. please pray for her and her family. they have a feeling that julia’s dad is on his very last days.

update: julia called again. her father went to see Jesus today. he went peacefully, with his family around him. continue praying!