stererotypical wisconsin product

February 15th, 2003

ok. i just have to share something. i was at sentry the other night, and lay’s potato chips were on sale, three for five bucks. i couldn’t pass up this deal. and when i was strategically planning my purchase choice… i noticed one bag of “wisconsin cheddar” chips…. with your stereotypical “cheesehead” picture on the front.
i just want to publicly state, that i do NOT own one of those corny cheese wedge hats… nor will i ever purchase such a head adornment. don’t get me wrong, i absolutely LOVE wisconsin cheese. but i do not feel it necessary to adorn my head with a foam rubber replica of the food. i actually know very few people who own such a hideous hat.

but anyways.. enough of my rambling. 😛

11 Responses to “stererotypical wisconsin product”

  1. sar says:

    lol too funny, tray. but I WANT ONE! 😀

    and, btw…which chips did you finally settle on??

  2. tray says:

    hehe. cheesehead hats are expensive…. which is another reason why only tourists buy them *grin*

    welp. i got the wisconsin cheddar (obviously), regular with ridges, and au gratin. 🙂

  3. sar says:

    yayyy au gratin!! i luff that, men. 😀

  4. tray says:

    hehe. sorry.. those are already gone 🙂

  5. Mystery Mama says: I know what to get Tracy for her Birthday

  6. alice says:

    hahahaha. that is sooo great…a lays potato chip with WI cheese. go cheddarheads!!! oh yeah…JK.

  7. justin says:

    hey! those cheeseheads save lives! remember the airplane incident??

  8. Sarah says:

    hmm….wisconsin strangeness 😀

  9. julia says:

    who wouldn’t want a cheese hat? I DO! I DO! Right after I get my head checked for signs of sanity. i’ll let you know how it turns out.

  10. tray says:

    tests indicate… negatory. 😛

  11. mai says:

    those wisconsin cheddar lays are excellent. had it for my bible study. they were gone instanteously!

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