…with super suction ears!

February 17th, 2003

look.. i’m a larry-go-round…

you are larry. the silly. the childlike. it’s impossible not to like you. but grow up, would ya?
Take the test, by Emily.

😛 hehe. sorry.. that was way too cute to not post. *grin*

24 Responses to “…with super suction ears!”

  1. sar says:

    i took that test not once, but two times and both times got…

    me? pa graaape? is that not weird or what?? ;p

  2. sar says:

    aww yer blog don’t take html…i posted a li’l pic of pa grape there, btw. :p

    aww, and i just now tried to post again and yer blog punished me and told me i had to wait thirty seconds! *sticks tongue out*

  3. Cassandra says:

    aww Larry is cute…. hey guess what??? this will sound so lame… I’m not grounded anymore!!! woohoo!!!

  4. Cassandra says:

    yay!!! I am Pa Grape!!!

  5. tray says:

    hahaha. yay for not being grounded. come hang out with my friends 😛

  6. Glynn says:

    I am Bob the Tomatoe.

  7. tray says:

    tomatoe glynn? *grin* hehehe

  8. annette says:

    i, too am bob.. “a leader, responsible, most everyone likes me.” most??

  9. tray says:

    hehehe. yea. everyone but me likes ya annette. JUST KIDDING! *hugz*

  10. Annie says:

    I’m the French Peas. “You are the french peas. You have a fabulous accent. You are sarcastic. You are the best.”

  11. simon says:

    I’m the French Peas, too!

  12. Mystery Mama says:

    Mystery Mama is also a Tomato, sadly…

  13. annette says:

    tracy.. that hurt 🙂

  14. Drina says:

    Pa Grape… didn’t see that one coming.

  15. Matt says:

    I’m the Bob the tomato. On the bottom of the image it says, “Worrywart laughingstock” I hardly every worry about anything.

    If I change my answer about what I taste best with I come up as larry the cucumber, which is much more acceptable since I prefer cucumbers over tomatos.

  16. alice says:

    Bob the tomato…that was a fun quiz…if you could be any cartoon character,who would you be?

  17. Jake says:

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  18. jen says:

    i sooooooo love the “larry-go-round” comment!!!!!!!!!

  19. despite what bigSimon thought- I am NOT larryboy but am instead Bob the tomato–cool….. which makes sense.. I am a momma figure who worries a lot… LOL

  20. Shawn says:

    What about Bob?

    You are bob. the leader. the responsible one. most everyone likes you.

    Never would of thought….. 🙂

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