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no real post. just a dancing peep

March 31st, 2003

me and my computer are back at school now. but no other real news….. so here’s a random dancing peep. enjoy.

pictures and a project

March 29th, 2003

i added a couple things to my page today. first off, i’ll tell you about last night 😀

yesterday, me and amy drove to green bay to see joy williams in concert. we left around 3:30pm, and headed up to the thecup o’ joy coffeehouse. joy was performing two shows, one at 6:30 and one at 8:45. me and amy got to the first show after they opened the doors, so we were all the way in the back. but as soon as joy finished her last song, we went outside and were first in line for the next show. perfect timing i tell ya! we even had the chance to meet and get to know two people in line, who ended up sitting with us in the front row. now see, amy has had the opportunity to talk to joy, so joy knows her, but amy was convinced that joy would not recognize her (because ever since she started going to cosmetology school, her hair hasn’t been the same.. 🙂 and i mean that in a good way) well, despite the drastically different look, joy came on stage, recognized amy… gave her a huge smile, waved… and then proceeded to forget the lyrics to her song! *grin* (and that was WAY funny i tell ya!) so we rocked out to the second concert in the front row. i displayed my expertise in dancing, while joy tried to mimic my moves while on stage. (sorry to say… unsuccessfully mimicking my superior dancing “skillz” *grin* hahahaha.. riiight) and then we were the last people in line to talk to joy and get autographs and pics. i did that ‘butt shimmy’ thing across the stage after the concert to get the two set lists that were taped to the stage… gave one to amy.. and had the other one signed. 🙂

after hanging out at the cup for way too long, we headed home. i ended up getting home and to bed after 2am, but the night was a superb example of ‘extreme fun’ 😀

us and joy williams

the set list

and as always, i took many pictures, so check out all the joy williams pictures here

and also last night, me and amy came up with an idea for a new section on my webpage. it’s called “you know you’re a groupie when… so be sure to check that out, and submit your own ‘groupie‘ facts/tidbits/stories. 🙂

just a word about worship…

March 28th, 2003

God has really been teaching me a lot lately. a lot about journey. about trials. about growing. about hurting. about healing. and about just trusting Him in everything. but i just want to write a word or two about worship… and in particular… “leading” worship.

i don’t know how many people who read this have had the awesome opportunity to assist in “leading” worship. and i put “leading” in quotations, because i feel that no human can actually lead in worship. God leads. in talking to chris tomlin, he calls himself a ‘lead worshiper’ as opposed to ‘worship leader’. and i like that. it’s much more accurate of a title. but anyways.. i digress… (as usual).

being on the ‘worship team‘ has been such an awesome experience for me, for many reasons. the fellowship with other people who share in my passion for music and for praising God is just the tip of the iceberg! 😀 one thing that only people who have been in front during worship can tell you about, is the sight we see. it is so awesome. i can be playing SOOO badly. hitting on a wrong note.. speeding up the beat.. drop a stick… completely miss the drums. miss the cymbals.. hit myself in the head(don’t laugh… i’ve done it… MANY times. and yes… that does explain some things *grin*)… but then i’ll look out at the crowd.. and see people just worshiping God… it just makes me realize… it’s NOT about me. it’s NOT about how i play the drums. God can use me even when i do hit myself in the head. God asks us to make a joyful noise. (and trust me. i do that a LOT while driving in my car! *grin*) i wish everyone could see what i see when i’m on the worship team…. it puts things back into perspective for me… and just brings joy to my soul. (and this view of mine is a big reason why when people compliment me, i’ll tell them… “well.. thanks.. but i just hit things” :-P)

so anyways. that was on my heart to tell you all. thanks for listening (reading). and my God’s blessings fill your morning/day/evening/night. 😀

throw your hands in the air…

March 26th, 2003

i have homework to do.. yet feel little to no motivation to get it done. bleeh. anyone up for a new kids on the block night? 😛
nkotb 4eva!

break time for switzerland… :-)

March 25th, 2003

i had to take a break from my homework.. and i ended up taking this fun quiz 😛


A neutral power for as long as most can remember,
it has avoided war for several centuries.
However, it is still considered highly advanced
and a global power.





Powerful without Force.

Makes Excellent Watches, Etc.


Target of Ridicule.

Constant Struggle to Avoid Conflict.

Target of Criminal Bank Accounts.

Which Country of the World are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

heh. nikki got australia. i’m jealous 😛

surprisingly.. people wanted to see this…

March 23rd, 2003

things are going well here. i’ve got plenty of cards and flowers to make me smile. 😀 i’ve had many calls and visits which have also cheered me up much. i’m still slow moving and it hurts to laugh (and those who know me know that this is the worst punishment for me!) it still hasn’t stopped me from laughing.. but just makes my laughing really funny… uttering many “ooooohs” and “ows” in between laughs *grin*

i posted earlier that the doctor gave my parents some pictures they got from this camera they used during my surgery. well, surprisingly there are people out there who wanted to see these pictures, but since some people complained when i put the picture of my broken toe on my blog, (*grin*) i figured i would make this picture a link. so if you want to see my cystclick here

anyway. i’m gonna go lie down, or eat something… since that seems to be the pattern of my days. eat. sleep. eat. sleep… eeeeaaat.. sleeeeep. 😛


March 21st, 2003

look! more flowers!

flowers from cari
i got these from cari today! 😀 yay for awesome friends. 🙂

could't stay away from the computer long…

March 19th, 2003

so yea. i’m posting. i’m a nerd. but that’s ok. i’ve come to terms with my nerddom. 😛

i have been home for several hours now. and i tend to fall asleep every hour. and the most prominent pain is in my shoulders. why my shoulders you ask? well… they did the surgery and removed the cyst through some sort of camera. (and the good news about that, they gave my parents a picture or two from that camera… so gueeeeees where i’m gonna post THAT?! *grin* hahaha) they made three incisions and then pumped my stomach full of gas, to be able to move the camera around. and the doctors and nurses warned me that as the gas moves up through my body, it makes my shoulders hurt. it’s not all that bad though. i also had some great nurses and doctors. they were all so nice and just really made me feel comfortable. 🙂 thanks everyone for the calls, messages, emails, good wishes and PRAYERS! i appreciate every single one of them! God has blessed me so much with all my family and friends. 🙂

well… my shoulders are starting to hurt more now, so i’m gonna go lay down and take another nap. *hugs all*

some updates.. uploads… up.. why am i still up?

March 18th, 2003

i need to go to bed. so i’ll make this quick. i uploaded a TON of pics for my photoblog, so check those out. here are some thumbnails of my favs(click on the thumbnails to go to the page where that picture is)


j-dawg at the movies

andi miller at the fish

in the bathroom?

in photo class

in public speaking class

oil change

need cash?

sister joan talking

and i think this will also be my last post before i go into surgery. i will be having a cyst, the size of an orange, removed from my right ovary….. bright and early wednesday morning. (or as sarah from next door says… i’ll be “losing the grapefruit within” heh) please pray that everything goes well, and that i will stop being nervous about this. thanks to all my brothers and sisters who have already helped wonders by their prayers, their good wishes, and just their presence.
God is good. all the time.
*hugz* i love you all

i'm going to denmark!!

March 15th, 2003

look what i got in the mail today!!youth encounter acceptance letter

so tracy’s gonna be traveling around the us and denmark playing the drums next year with youth encounter!!!!! *dances*