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audio/visual queen wannabe

April 29th, 2003

ok. no pictures from spring retreat yet. but i did make a fun video, and uploaded it to my movies page. (yay video!) i also rearranged that page a bit, so now all the crusade videos are in i’s own category. (yay organization!) so take a look at the video from the metro milwaukee crusade spring retreat 🙂 (sorry i’s such a big file) i also uploaded mp3s from the worship on friday night. (yay worship!) so feel free to check them out as well. we were rockin out this weekend! it was awesome. 🙂 ‘m so glad that i ended up going (even if it was totally last minute). 🙂 but anyways. ‘m off to work on homework before my class. 😀 (yay procrastination!)

tydfaritc day

April 27th, 2003

hmmm… it must be “take your dog for a ride in the car” day today. *shrugs* guess i missed that memo.

back… with pictures :-P

April 21st, 2003

yep. i’m back to my own ‘real world’, where classes continue, and sweatshirts and socks must be worn…. but my dallas trip was very fun. and guess what… i took pictures! (yea… i know. hard to believe eh?) so here’s some of my favs… that kinda recap my weekend down in texas.. (kinda.)

me, amanda and allison
(we were bored in the back seat of the car on the way home… so i decided to take pictures of all of us. we ended up taking like 10 or more pictures of ourselves…)

amanda and allison
(uhh…. )

amanda and allison again
(ummmmm… )

the apps/semrad crew
(here’s the ‘crew’: (from left to right) me, my mom [sue], my cousin amanda, my grandma [lorna], my aunt pi, my cousin alison, my dad [dennis], and my uncle donald. don’t we look like trouble? :-P)

aunt pi and me
(here’s my aunt pi and me. 🙂 aren’t we the cutest? can’t we be sisters? heh)

(we drove around downtown dallas for a while, then decided to go up to this observation tower, only to find out that the tower was closed. so i had my family pose next to the closed sign for a picture. many many people looked at us strangely for doing so…)

me and keely
(also on easter sunday, i got the chance to meet and hang out with keely. man.. we are both nerds… it was great. a fellow nerd that looks at the fonts on billboards and even in movies. *grin* anyways… we went to eat mexican food, then for ice cream, then to see the movie chicago. muy fun i tell ya. :-))

so that’s enough crazy pictures… right? WRONG! i uploaded over 140 more pictures, so feel free to check them out HERE 🙂

happy easter 'all :-)

April 19th, 2003

yes. i did say y’all. i’ve heard that ‘word’ way too many times today *grin* anyways. hello from texas! hope everyone has a wonderful easter! i was gonna make a graphic again this year, but i liked last year’s so much (and also i’m nowhere near a graphics program this year) so i’m just gonna post that for you all. 🙂

He is risen!

happy easter!

all i have to say is….

April 17th, 2003

God is good. 🙂

over the river and across the state…

April 13th, 2003

to green bay and back we go….

too tired to really post an in-depth reflection of my life at this moment… but here’s some pics from the concert in green bay

cari, tracy and tracy
(cari, tracy and me. notice the tshirts that i made :-))

(a cool picture that cari took of tracy.)

(a cool picture that cari took of aaron.)

so the concert went great. tracy and aaron loved the shirts i made (and actually i heard that several people in attendance made comments on them as well) check out my picture section for some more pics. i also will hopefully have pictures from friday night (when me and amy drove to the south side of chicago for a concert. heh) up soon. but now. i’m off to bed!

i need another new hard drive now…

April 9th, 2003

so after several nights of gathering video from tracy and aaron’s concerts, my 120 gig external hard drive is now almost full. heh. o well 😛 anyways, i’m too tired to write anything, so i’ll just let some pictures tell the story of my night.

me, aaron, cari
(me and cari said we would be aaron’s official fan club.)

tracy and cari
(tracy and cari)

aaron and gretchen
(aaron with gretchen, a pastor of the madison church where the concert was held)

woaaah man


got pictures?

April 7th, 2003

i uploaded some pictures today. 🙂 are you happy about that? i know i am *grin*

tracy and aaron
(tracy and aaron rockin’ our crusade meeting on thursday)

tracy and aaron
(tracy and aaron rockin’ out on friday)

lisa, cari, nikki, amy, me
(lisa, cari, nikki leonti, amy, and me)

rachel and nikki
(nikki and her road manager)

check out my picture section for lots more fun pictures from the past couple days. 🙂


April 5th, 2003

God is so good. you know that? i am really suuuuper exhausted right now, but i thought i would leave a little update on here. the tracy howe shows went great. i’m still in shock of the doors that have opened up for me. it is really true, God does give you the desires of your heart when you follow Him. i still find it amazing how well He works things out. i just think about my own life, and how all of the things i have learned and gone through have made me who i am right now, all the people i have met, all the skills i have been given, and even the particular mix of gifts God has given me…. man.. it makes my brain hurt just trying to figure that out.

but anyways, i’m actually up north at our cottage right now (in central wisconsin) and will be headed back to milwaukee tonight. i’ve been taking video of my crazy parents for a documentary for my film class. i think my documentary is gonna be a comedy. *grin*

i have pictures from when tracy and aaron played, soon i’ll be putting up those pictures, and maybe small video clips as well. but first, i must take a nap! *grin*

it's 5am…

April 4th, 2003

why am i still up? oh i remember… it was an awesome night… i got quite possibly the best summer job offer in the world…. and i got some uber-awesome mp3s made and uploaded. 😀