a giant danny head + a poster design + friends = an ubercool day

April 3rd, 2003

so here’s my exciting day so far.

i didn’t sleep well, and woke up insanely early this morning. (for me at least) i checked my email to find an email from andi miller (the midday dj for the fish radio station) asking me for a life-sized color printout of danny clayton’s head (the fm program manager for the fish, as well as a morning show dj). i love when andi asks me for help with projects… they are always the most interesting things. πŸ˜› so after printing out a giant head, i drove it over to the fish studio.

oh, and speaking of computer projects, last night i designed a poster for the “city wide worship” event coming up (which will be sponsored by several campus ministries here at uwm, and a time to get together in unity, and worship God! yay!!). and after a couple hours, i came up with a poster design that i actually like. πŸ™‚
city.wide.worship poster, click for full size
click for full size

so anyways, i’m super excited for the crusade meeting tonight. i was walking around putting up posters, putting handouts on tables, etc., and the coolest thing was i kept running into friends of mine! it was so awesome and just made my day even brighter! πŸ˜€ (HI REBECCA! *waves* :-)) and now, i just can’t wait till 6pm when everyone gets here. i think i’m gonna have to go downstairs and play the drums to get rid of some of this energy!! *hugz* have an AWESOME day all!! πŸ˜€

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  1. erin says:

    wow tray, that poster is awesome!! i love the blue, and the lyrics. [or whatever they are ;)]

    psst! name the gee-tar!

  2. tray says:

    hehehe. yes. yes i do need to name my geeetar πŸ˜›

    and thanks ya. and the ‘lyrics’ are psalms… so yea. bascially they’re lyrics πŸ˜€

  3. rebecca says:


  4. rebecca says:

    sorry…got a little carried away with the excitement of seeing my name on your blogger-thingy there

  5. you are soooo full of energy girl!!!!

  6. I told you this already, but I think that poster is pretty darn sweet

  7. ben says:

    very nice poster.

  8. iris says:

    cool.. yup. πŸ™‚

    g’morning, tray!

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