April 5th, 2003

God is so good. you know that? i am really suuuuper exhausted right now, but i thought i would leave a little update on here. the tracy howe shows went great. i’m still in shock of the doors that have opened up for me. it is really true, God does give you the desires of your heart when you follow Him. i still find it amazing how well He works things out. i just think about my own life, and how all of the things i have learned and gone through have made me who i am right now, all the people i have met, all the skills i have been given, and even the particular mix of gifts God has given me…. man.. it makes my brain hurt just trying to figure that out.

but anyways, i’m actually up north at our cottage right now (in central wisconsin) and will be headed back to milwaukee tonight. i’ve been taking video of my crazy parents for a documentary for my film class. i think my documentary is gonna be a comedy. *grin*

i have pictures from when tracy and aaron played, soon i’ll be putting up those pictures, and maybe small video clips as well. but first, i must take a nap! *grin*

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  1. Keren says:

    He’s great isn’t He? 🙂

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