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yea.. i know i just got back…

May 31st, 2003

but now ‘m off to green lake. *waves* i did get my pictures from oneday up. i hopefully will have some time next week to write up a recap with pictures and put that online for ‘all (*grin* do you realize how many times i heard”al’ while down in texas? *grin*) but now ‘m off … on the road again. *hugz* have a most blessed weekend 🙂

back from texas…

May 28th, 2003

so yea. ‘m definitely back from texas… but i am definitely too wiped out from the 17-18 or so hours in the van to write about the amazing things God did at oneday. man… that BED looks really comfy. (praise the Lord! a bed!) good night! 🙂

will i dance on crippled legs?

May 23rd, 2003

Would I smile if I was broken? Would I dance on crippled feet?

Would I fall too far behind again, or run a race I know I can?t complete?

Would I give if I had nothing, and could I love the ugly me?

Would I try so hard to be so strong, when I know that all I am is weak,

All I am is weak . . .

Would I clench my fist, fall down and scream at all I cannot do?

Or dry my eyes and crawl back to my feet,

And stumble after you.

Would I grin in my embarrassment, and would I laugh when the joke is me?

Could I look you in the eyes still, when my crippled legs are all that I can see,

All that I can see . . .

So take my hands if they won?t give, and take my life so I can lift you.

Take my eyes if they?re on me, please take my heart and make it bleed.

Take all this up to a hill and crucify the king of will

Till all I have runs down my face and I?m a wretch who?s drowning in your grace.

(lyrics from’stumble after yo’, by all weather human)

so ‘m honestly feeling kinda broken. i feel as if ‘m on crippled legs. but then again, are’t we all? we can never measure up. we all fail at something. i feel very, unprepared. very inadequate. very weak. but will i focus on that? will my eyes only see my crippled legs? will i only focus on my shortcomings? or can i look beyond my weakness, and see how very strong and able God is. i fear that i will fail. but if i fix my eyes on Christ, instead of myself, i will continue pushing on in this race. (even if it means crawling…. stumbling… along)

i have a feeling that this recent’breakag’ in my life is making room for some great, awesome things for God to do at oneday… and next year as well.

time to pack. we are leaving for sherman, texas around 10pm tonight. time to push along. time to pick up and continue on this journey with Christ. time to realize that where my strength ends, Go’s begins. time to stop leaning on crutches i make for myself in this world. time to lean on the cross of Christ alone. see you all after memorial day. have a awesome and safe weekend. *hugz*

hey tracy….

May 22nd, 2003

what did you do for your 24th birthday?

oh look at that… 'm 24. hmmm

May 20th, 2003

so this weekend was awesome. (to say the least!) and i got the pictures to prove it. 🙂

smile, you are on a not so candid camera!
(this pic pretty much explains what me and jules did all weekend…)

jen and me
(yay! her’s me with jen :-))

does cari smell?
(aww.. cari at a table by herself *grin*)

mmmmmmm... fooood
(looks yummy eh? do’t you wish you were there too?)

mooore food
(laura.. eating.)

all the pictures are in the picture section (who woudda thunk?)… and maybe some crazy video will be added soon. (ther’s lots of crazy video… now just to find the time to make the video into <b'bite siz' pieces of craziness for the web :-))

and my mom called me monday afternoon, and was like “i’s your birthday tomorrow, want me to take you out to eat for dinner or something?” and i was like… “oh yea… my birthday” heh. i’s kinda funny how when i was younger, i had a countdown to my birthday…. but i had poured all my energy into the party on sunday, i guess i kinda forgot that my birthday is… well… today. heh. yay. happy 24th birthday to me. 😛

edit: ok i have to add this. i get a kick out of this email every year. the “system PRIVILEGED account” sends me a birthday email ….

click for full email
(click to see the whole email)

yea. this make my birthday so much more exciting. yay for ASCII art! 😛 hehehehe. ok…. now i’s time for bed! 🙂

nerds.. unite

May 17th, 2003

my fellow nerd in crime is here in milwaukee…. crazy pictures of me and julia will be posted shortly 😛

btw. i named the guitar. yes. i FINALLY named the guitar. now i need your help in coming up with a paint ball nickname for me. so leave your suggestions in the comments! 🙂

stick a fork in me…

May 16th, 2003


hehehe. ok. sorry about the lame statement above… but ‘m geeked to be done with college. i took my one and only final… and ‘m done.

oh, i need a nickname for the paint ball trip that i won tickets to. leave a suggestion in the comments 🙂

"the Christian hippie chick"

May 14th, 2003

this morning, while waking up to the radio, i was listening to a discussion about names. i was surprised, but i woke up at 8:00am pretty easily, even when i went to bed around 2am. *shrugs* and while listening to danny, colleen and todd (since d was sick), they mentioned this paint ball trip that they were giving out tickets for call-in prizes.
“looking for callers 7 and 8, to win a three pack of tickets”
*thinks* hmm… i really want to go
*calls again*
*calls yet again*
busy still.
*calls one last time*
“hello, the fish”
“yo’re a winner!”

so needless to say i was geeked. and not only did i win these three tickets, but danny recorded my phone call, and put me on the air. and sure enough, right afterwards, i get a call from annette. *grin* but yea. i was on the air talking briefly about my next year with youth encounter, and danny called me “a Christian hippie chick“. hehehe.

anyways, i went to pick up the tickets just now, and talked to everyone for a bit and invited them to my graduation party. (which, btw, if you are in the milwaukee area, you are invited as well. 🙂 )

now ‘m off to work on graphic design stuff for the restoration project 🙂 *waves*

i be gragipitated!

May 11th, 2003


yay!! 😀

free time? what is free time?

May 9th, 2003

so an update on my life. my classes are over with! *rejoices* i have one final left… but ‘m not stressed about that at all. all my projects are done and turned in. i have FREE TIME!!!

so what does tracy do with free time you ask? well i add pictures to my webpage of course. 😀 so her’s some pictures from the three new photo albums i added:

campus crusade for Christ :: spring retreat

lindsay and brinn
(look at all that luggage lindsay has. it was only an overnight retreat 😛 )

tough guys?
(nick and michael trying to look like tough guys. heh)

nose picker!
(driving back from spring retreat we encounter these crazy guys… michael (pretending to pick his nose) with brian and wolfgang (not pictured.. but in the back seat))

pictures from our last “fly by the seat of our pants bible study” (or FBTSOOP for short)

two happy dancers
(jillian and laura attempting kyl’s’happy danc’)

our mascot
(and here is laura, our mascot for the FBTSOOP bible study.)

the last campus crusade meeting & social night in the union

me and kristin
(me and kristin. 🙂 yay!)

take that!
(me taking out my frustrations of all my final projects on cari. *grin*
disclaimer: no car’s were hurt in the taking of this picture.)

rebecca and me
(yay! i’s rebecca and me :-))

(laura and i are normal. yes. yes we are.)

ok. sorry for all those people on modem connections. that probably took forever to load. but if you want more fun pictures, (which i know you do…) check out my picture section for many more crazy pictures of crazy people 😀