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'm off….. again

June 30th, 2003

‘m just getting ready to leave for another week. this time i am driving down to bushnell, illinois, for cornerstone. if you are gonna be there, go to the grassroots music stage on wednesday at 3:00pm, and watch the restoration project and bring hundreds of your friends too 🙂 *waves* have a great week!

step into my office…

June 27th, 2003

so my life has been a blur the past couple days. why you ask? ‘ve been working for most every hour that i have been awake. for several nights this week i have worked all night, went to bed around 7-8am, then slept until 11-noonish, and then gotten up and continued working. i really ca’t complain though. i LOVE this work. i’s all web design, and graphic design stuff. and i can make my own hours, and now with this wireless network setup, i can make my <b'office anywhere in the house, OR outside. this is my dream job. and God has really blessed my design work, and has given me several nights rich with inspiration and creative ideas. (not to mention the energy to work all day and all night on 4-5 hours of sleep)

speaking of work, i feel the need to post something <i'visually pleasin' for you instead of just having you read my’babblin’ words. 😛 so her’s some of the work ‘ve done lately.

the restoration project cornerstone flyer:

front design
click for larger pic
  back design
click for larger pic

the restoration project business cards:

click for larger

and some webpage designs: (in progress!!)

the restoration project webpage design idea

pevnick design webpage template

well tha’s enough for now. ‘ve got lots of other things ‘m working on, but i think i should get back to working on those. comments are welcome on the work ‘ve done so far. 🙂

oh yea. and my computer still does’t have a name so go suggest some more. *ahem* 😛


June 25th, 2003

wow. after soo much <i'neglectin' my webpage, and now i post twice in one day? man. my webpage wo’t know what to do with itself.

but anyways, i just wanted to post pictures of my new haircut. i’s great having a friend who can cut hair, and does such a good job. so thanks to amy, her’s my cute haircut and highlighting 🙂

my new hair cut

i's raining…..

June 25th, 2003

‘m sitting on my front porch right now, watching the rain come down. i never realized how fun a wireless internet connection can be. man, this rain is great. i wish my webpage had’scratch‘n sniff</b' capabilities. (watch someone invent that and make millions. all from my idea… heh) i love the smell of a nice light rain storm. looking at our front lawn, our grass really needs this rain. i want to go run in the rain, but i think ‘ll put my laptop back in the house first. *grin* any-who, ‘m off to get my hair cut. *waves*

yay! shane and shane!

June 21st, 2003

‘m geeked! ‘m going to see shane barnard and shane everett in concert tonight. *dances* yay!

tshirts anyone?

June 20th, 2003

my day today would appear to be a lazy/slack off day for me (since i sat on my bed most of the day, with my laptop on my lap… playing my music.. loudly… only getting up from the computer to eat), yet i was pretty productive today. i got some work done. and i also got my scanner to work on my laptop. 🙂

so what was i so productive with today you ask? well i designed some tshirts

tshirts -click for larger size

and some stickers

stickers -click for larger size

so yea. now ‘m off to take a load of stuff back home. 😀

lazy or nerdy?

June 18th, 2003

so yea, i am back at home. it was quite a long drive, but me and cari made it back to milwaukee safely, and without any’adventures</b' like we did on the way to colorado. 🙂

and yea, so i was too tired to sit in front of my computer, so what did i do? i unpacked my laptop, found some audio cords to output my lapto’s sounds to my stereo…. got a long cat-5 cord and hooked my laptop up to our network, and am now laying in bed, updating my webpage. (so would this fall in the’nerdy and needs a life</b' category? or the'absurdly lazy</b' column? *shrugs*)

oh and speaking of my laptop… go suggest some names for it. there are some good suggestions already…. so get creative 🙂

hmm.. i wonder if i posted on here about slamming my finger in the door about a week and a half ago? well.. i did. and it stunk. and it hurt ….LOTS. it luckily was’t broken, but it was pretty darn banged up, so i went to the doctor. why does this story pop up on my head right now? well basically i finally can put pressure on the finger, so i can finally type normally! yay!

ok, before this post gets any more random.. ‘m gonna go to bed! 😀 (i guess a whole day in the car does some crazy things to your brain eh? o wait… i guess i was’t completely normal before the car ride…. so ‘m guessi’ that i ca’t blame my weirdness on the car. o well.) nighty night!

maybe 'm home

June 15th, 2003

so tonight is the last night in colorado for me and cari. i’s kinda weird. i was talking to cari tonight about going home tomorrow. but ‘m starting to feel at home here, i’s amazing how comfortable someone can become in just a week here. or maybe i’s just the amazing people i have met and the great times we have all had this week. maybe i’s Go’s awesome mountains in the’backgroun’. maybe a combination of many things. but i do feel very at home here. maybe i’s foreshadowing to something that God will be doing in my future. maybe i’s just a great vacation. and maybe i have been using the word’maybe</b' too much in this entry. hehehe

so anyways, i should either get working on stuff, or go to bed. babbling in my entry is’t really accomplishing anything right now. there are too many “mayb’s” floating around in my head. *grin* so before any more of those’maybe</b'' spill out on my webpage.. ‘m going to bed.

-o- and maybe you should go name my computer for me. (ok, so maybe i lied about not using anymore’mayb” *grin*)

rocki' out in co

June 13th, 2003



‘m not completely sure if i want to go home *grin*

in colorado for the week

June 10th, 2003

yea.. so i never did post about this before i left. but ‘m in colorado for the week. (man that was a long drive.. and an interesting one.. ‘ll tell more about that later) ‘m here with tracy howe and the restoration project… taking video.. getting some work done… and just hanging out with the band and whatnot. things are so beautiful here…. and i’s super fun meeting cool people. (but it is strange being being around up to two other’tracy</b''. i's so hard to not respond to my name!) more details later! *hugz*

-o- yea. and go name my computer 😀