maybe 'm home

June 15th, 2003

so tonight is the last night in colorado for me and cari. i’s kinda weird. i was talking to cari tonight about going home tomorrow. but ‘m starting to feel at home here, i’s amazing how comfortable someone can become in just a week here. or maybe i’s just the amazing people i have met and the great times we have all had this week. maybe i’s Go’s awesome mountains in the’backgroun’. maybe a combination of many things. but i do feel very at home here. maybe i’s foreshadowing to something that God will be doing in my future. maybe i’s just a great vacation. and maybe i have been using the word’maybe</b' too much in this entry. hehehe

so anyways, i should either get working on stuff, or go to bed. babbling in my entry is’t really accomplishing anything right now. there are too many “mayb’s” floating around in my head. *grin* so before any more of those’maybe</b'' spill out on my webpage.. ‘m going to bed.

-o- and maybe you should go name my computer for me. (ok, so maybe i lied about not using anymore’mayb” *grin*)

3 Responses to “maybe 'm home”

  1. Discoshaman says:

    I miss Colorado! My wife and I met in the Springs, and then right before shipping overseas we spent 3 weeks in cross-cultural training up in the mountains near Flourissant… What an incredible state. If global warming continues, it may eventually become the perfect state. Now all it lacks is beaches, and if the sea-level rises enough we can fix that. 🙂

  2. Discoshaman says:

    I dig your sit’s layout, btw.

  3. tray says:

    😀 thanks ya.

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