lazy or nerdy?

June 18th, 2003

so yea, i am back at home. it was quite a long drive, but me and cari made it back to milwaukee safely, and without any’adventures</b' like we did on the way to colorado. 🙂

and yea, so i was too tired to sit in front of my computer, so what did i do? i unpacked my laptop, found some audio cords to output my lapto’s sounds to my stereo…. got a long cat-5 cord and hooked my laptop up to our network, and am now laying in bed, updating my webpage. (so would this fall in the’nerdy and needs a life</b' category? or the'absurdly lazy</b' column? *shrugs*)

oh and speaking of my laptop… go suggest some names for it. there are some good suggestions already…. so get creative 🙂

hmm.. i wonder if i posted on here about slamming my finger in the door about a week and a half ago? well.. i did. and it stunk. and it hurt ….LOTS. it luckily was’t broken, but it was pretty darn banged up, so i went to the doctor. why does this story pop up on my head right now? well basically i finally can put pressure on the finger, so i can finally type normally! yay!

ok, before this post gets any more random.. ‘m gonna go to bed! 😀 (i guess a whole day in the car does some crazy things to your brain eh? o wait… i guess i was’t completely normal before the car ride…. so ‘m guessi’ that i ca’t blame my weirdness on the car. o well.) nighty night!

3 Responses to “lazy or nerdy?”

  1. iris says:

    welcome back, tray 😀

  2. christia says:

    3 things: 1. Thanks for linking me! 2.”Ner” and”Laz” go hand in hand. Lasziness is what drives the entire”Ner” profession. 3. ‘m sorry go smashed your finger & ‘m glad its getting better. 🙂

  3. tray says:

    1. no prob. 2. yes. this is true. 3. thanks. i can finally play my guitar. tracy = happy 🙂

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