June 25th, 2003

wow. after soo much <i'neglectin' my webpage, and now i post twice in one day? man. my webpage wo’t know what to do with itself.

but anyways, i just wanted to post pictures of my new haircut. i’s great having a friend who can cut hair, and does such a good job. so thanks to amy, her’s my cute haircut and highlighting 🙂

my new hair cut

7 Responses to “hair-b-gone”

  1. Denise P says:

    Nice haircut.I’s cute.

  2. nikkiana says:

    Cuuuuute! I like it! I wanna cut my hair now!

  3. tray says:

    wow. i just posted this.. and i already have two comments? man. you guys are on top of things. and thanks ya. i really like how it turned out too 😉

  4. iris says:

    aw. i like ur haircut and highlights! 🙂

  5. Jamie says:

    Very nice, my dear! Tha’s what my first highlight job looked like. Until i went more bolder with blonde. lol

  6. Esteban says:

    Girls and their hair. *grin* That cool though, it looks good and she knows it. 😉

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