i's raining…..

June 25th, 2003

‘m sitting on my front porch right now, watching the rain come down. i never realized how fun a wireless internet connection can be. man, this rain is great. i wish my webpage had’scratch‘n sniff</b' capabilities. (watch someone invent that and make millions. all from my idea… heh) i love the smell of a nice light rain storm. looking at our front lawn, our grass really needs this rain. i want to go run in the rain, but i think ‘ll put my laptop back in the house first. *grin* any-who, ‘m off to get my hair cut. *waves*

3 Responses to “i's raining…..”

  1. nikkiana says:

    Why did this post just cause me to start singing”I’s Raining Me”? Aggggggggh!

  2. Mystery Mama says:

    Wireless really is great

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