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external hard drive addicts R us…

July 25th, 2003

i need a support group. i bought this today:

wes 1

wes 2

wes 3

wes 4

a 250 gig external western digital hard drive…. and it lights up. nerdy and sad. yes. i know.

plop plop fizz fizz…

July 23rd, 2003

oh what a relief it is… i finally named my new powerbook 🙂 and now… my new djembe is up on the namethis… so go suggest some names. lots of names. there have been some excellent suggestions made there… so keep it up you naming geniuses you! *grin*

so i have a whole box of lotsa fizz (that i bought from sitting here on the table with me.
a whole lotta lotsa fizz!

and ‘m sitting here in my makeshift office….


and her’s the dog ‘m sitting on for (hehehe)

ashley the dog

and get this… the other day when i was grocery shopping… i saw these:

crackli' hot cheese bolts

let me tell you about these “cheese bolts”. see.. i figured they are just a wannabe bag of “flami’ hot cheetos.” and yea.. i was right

.. but they do NOT taste as good. the package design is pretty creative… but they do’t taste as good as my flami’ hots. *shrugs* o well.

anyways. go name my djembe. ‘m going back to work 😛

well hello webpage that i have been neglecting…

July 22nd, 2003

my arm hurts. i had a physical today, and they gave me a tetnis shot. blek.

‘m housesitting/dog-sitting for the week. (the dog does’t seem to like being sat upon though. *shrugs* i just do’t get it)

i watched the most rad and gnarly tv program ever today… i love the 8’s on vh1. i laughed SOOO much at some of this music, products, “fashions” and whatnot. man.. i remember most of the stuff they talk about… especially the late 8’s stuff. *shakes head* i still ca’t believe my hair back then! *gag*

oh and if yo’re a nerd, and you want to see the aftermath of the post off that was held last week, go here. for all of you who missed the <b'post of', do’t worry, ‘m sure w’ll have another one soon. 🙂

any-who. ‘m going to sleep before i end up face first on this laptop, with key imprints on my face.


July 16th, 2003

so in case you have’t heard, the soulfire boards is having a “post-off” tomorrow. (basically where everyone wh’s available stays on and posts like crazy. i’s bound to be random, crazy and fun!) so come join us!! and tell your friends 😀

no one comments anymore

July 11th, 2003

ok… so yea, maybe ‘ve got some loyal visitors that rock my face off! and maybe my posts have been uncommentable. (heh. i made up a new word. yay for me)

anyways, i made a poster design. ‘m not sure if i am completely happy with it yet, but her’s what ‘ve got so far

(click for a larger version):
trp concert poster design

anyways, in other news, ‘m house-sitting/dog-sitting this weekend. so i wo’t be at home. ‘ll definitely be bringing my laptop and getting some work done.

hmm.. this post also looks uncommentable. so let me leave you a discussion topic…. ummmm *thinks* ok, here. if you do’t want to comment on this post, or my artwork, comment on these pictures

ok. tha’s all for now. remember that you can still submit your names for my computer and you can discuss other random things at the boards 🙂

a new thing to hit!

July 9th, 2003

yea, tha’s right, i traded in my old djembe, and got a really nice new one. wanna see it?
new djembe!  yay!

nice eh? and it sounds really good too. wanna hear it? click here.

now back to work 🙂

sh's baaaaaaaaaack

July 5th, 2003

and now, ‘m gonna go sleep in my bed. 😀