a new thing to hit!

July 9th, 2003

yea, tha’s right, i traded in my old djembe, and got a really nice new one. wanna see it?
new djembe!  yay!

nice eh? and it sounds really good too. wanna hear it? click here.

now back to work 🙂

4 Responses to “a new thing to hit!”

  1. nikkiana says:

    Do we get to name it?

  2. tray says:

    hehehe. you betcha! suggest more names for my’puter… the djembe will be next 🙂

  3. iris says:

    tha’s neato. i wanna jammi’ wit chu 😀

  4. tray says:

    hehe. yo’re on. come visit me, or maybe ‘ll be traveling close by you and you can come see our show when ‘m on the road. 😀

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