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just so you know…

August 14th, 2003

i wo’t be posting to much anymore. i will concentrate more on keeping my travel journal,, up to date. so feel free to bookmark/link/tattoo it on your arm… whatever. 🙂

also, just a fyi, i added over 400 pictures today. so go ahead and check those out… ther’s two bonfires, a week in colorado, some pics from bemidji, cornerstone, a krispy kreme run, and a random time at jubliee school. 🙂 enjoy 😀

oh yea. go name my djembe 🙂

i's up and working…

August 12th, 2003

*ahem* my travel journal webpage is up and running. i think you should go visit it.


no… 'm not married….

August 9th, 2003

cept to Christ. 🙂

yea. so it has been a long time since my last post. i apologize. but no. i have not eloped or moved to another country. (although i did visit bemidji minnesota this past week, and tha’s pretty close to a different country. *grin* yay for northern minnesota. heh)

so i really wo’t make this post long, but ‘ll give you a little update on my life. and i do want to warn all you people reading this, that my posts here may become very sparse. i start training for my year with youth encounter on august 17th. so this is my last week here in milwaukee, and i have a TON still to get done.

last night was my benefit concert/coffee house/art sale at the UCM house. and it was awesome. God totally answers prayers… above and beyond my expectations. it was an amazing time of worship instead of just a performance. which is totally what i prayed for. much of my artwork walked out the door, and ‘m around $475 closer to my goal for fundraising. 😀

in other news, God has totally been revealing more and more of my calling, and His plan for my future. ‘m really excited. a bit nervous, but very at peace. following Christ is definitely an adventure. but what a fun ride it is!

i have a lot of pictures to post, and a dvd to make, so i better get to work on stuff. ‘ll post at least one more time this week, and will hopefully have my travel journal up and running, so i can announce that. oh. go name my djembe i want that to have a name before it comes on the road with me! 🙂

have a most awesome day, and may God lead you to wonderful adventures in your world.