back to my old friend tadorg

July 12th, 2004

yes. i need to post an entry. why? cuz i have a lot on my mind.
why have’t i posted on since august? because i always posted entries on
why do’t i do that now? well was so rudely and abruptly deleted from under my feet.
sad day on my face.
man WAY down.

so her’s the deal. all my journal entries from the road (in the united states AND danmark) are all gone. all my’fall tou’ pictures are gone. and all my emails on… gone. and i ca’t just get back up, because all the original files i used to create thisroad.or’s layout are not on this computer. so thisroad is officially wiped clean. a completely blank canvas replaces hours, days and months of work, words, images and thoughts.

it kinda makes me sick when i think of all the things i lost. but a lesson to be learned in this experience, is that God does’t have server problems. we have these problems on earth. and they stink, yes. but God is still good. God is still perfect. and God is still in control. so while i have several hours of work ahead of me to start over again, i can still rejoice in the name of Jesus.

so now.. inspiration. i need some of that. hey God? wanna help me build a webpage?

14 Responses to “back to my old friend tadorg”

  1. Shawn says:

    Tracy you have always been very creative. You have always been a dreamer, creator, and d’er. Think of this as God giving you a new canvas to draw up another one of your masterpieces. If I know you right you already have had ideas in the back of your mind on trying something new or something that has not been done before. Think of this as your time to try those ideas out and create the new and improved You know you will always have those backups within your friends and you might see that they whill help guide you through your past with memories they saved or kept and share them with you. Chin up you are Tracy Apps you can do anything and you always prove it. 😉

  2. name Mom says:

    comment The memories will never leave you. I guess we all have learned to ask the webpage hosts if they back up their computers on a daily basis. I’s scary that they do’t. See you in 2 weeks!

    Love, Mom

  3. name Carol says:

    commentTracy, I sent an e-mail to you yesterday. I did print out items from your journal, but only have them until April 30th. So there are only three months that are missing. This certainly is a lesson to be learned and it will take awhile to think it through. God will help you with your thought process and bring new life to your creativity. ‘m sure we will all be”awe” by your next project!

    Your in our thoughts and prayers daily.

    Love, Aunt Carol

  4. Gretchen (Dcuky) says:

    Hey tracey one day that site will be up again I hope but I had a lot of fun with you at St.Pauls in Catasauqua well talk to u soon

  5. tray says:

    heh. yea dude. partaY in cattY!

  6. Gretchen (Ducky) says:

    Tracey ha ha the bunny ha ha well you guys did a super duper job out of all the bands I herd I like U(tracey), Kate, John,lisa, nate , elizabeth, and kate ha ha fun times e-mail,Call or whatever any time you guys rock ha ha

    love ya all


  7. iris says:

    sorry to hear that, tray.


    amen! i hear ya. GOD is magnificent. i look forward in seeing V2. 🙂

  8. Pqete says:

    hey sista friend, hope things are going ok since we last talked…NOT too long ago. ya know, ‘m realizing that God (on certain days) has a pretty good sense of humor, and sometimes has a funny way of taking you in His direction that He has planned for ya.

    but as for yer webpage…well…sorry to hear about that, but remember that the memories will always stick with you and the other lives you and your team has touched during the year…but i’s still nice to chekc out your pics.

    well, ‘m confused, so ‘all must be too. enuf from me here, c u in 10 days

  9. tray says:

    yay for 10 days… oh wait… NINE days! *dances*

    and ps. version two is up and kickin!

  10. esteban says:

    If God worked like my webhos’s servers… I would have committed suicide a LONG time ago.

    Praise God for being FAITHful. !!! 🙂

  11. Victoria says:

    🙁 This reminds me of when my domain went down in February and everything was deleted- two and a half years of great memories. But as your mom said, the memories will never leave you and everything is still wonderful. When I went on a retreat last year, a part of the film I had recorded on died after the retreat… but one of my friends pointed out it did’t matter if I had it all documented on film because ‘d always remember the trip. Still, though, ‘m so sorry. I know how you feel.

  12. esteban says:

    *coughs* make *coughs* backups *coughs*

  13. tray says:

    hah. backups. that was my serve’s job. 😛 (and they said that they had backups… but they were all corrupted.)

  14. Mariesa says:

    I have a copy of all the pics from y’lls concert here in Bradley Illinois. Would you like some for memories? (downloaded them at the end of August. They turned out great

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