random acts of … randomness.

July 16th, 2004

so… i finally stopped talking about doing something.. and i finally did it….

yep. i got my eyebrow pierced. and no.. it didn’t hurt all that bad. and no.. i really wasn’t planning on getting it done today… but i was driving around on our ‘day off’ here in catasaqua, pennsylvania.. and i was like. ‘hey.. lets find out prices for an eyebrow piercing’… and i end up walking out with one. heh. but i like it. 🙂

5 Responses to “random acts of … randomness.”

  1. irishhh says:

    hah nice. ooh, and trat.. i like how ur eyes matches ur shirt in this pic! 😛

  2. zahrah says:

    hi dreamy eyes 😀

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