December 29th, 2005

last night i drove down to illinois to have dinner with colin. much fun was had.. and pictures were indeed taken…


cool icicle lights around their bar

i couldn't resist...


anyways. that was super fun. and while i was waiting for colin to get there.. i had the chance to walk around gurnee mills for a bit. 🙂 also while doing so, i got a call from the one and only kristen. oh what joy.

today when i got home.. my ipod was waiting for me on my computer chair. shortly afterwards my headphones came tumbling in the door. (literally actually. i have a feeling it’s cuz our side door doorbell doesn’t work.. so the package was left between the doors even though i was sitting at home. heh)

so there’s my entry for today. illinois and ill noise. get it? ok. nevermind. i think i am funnier in my head than i am in real life… 😛

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