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February 27th, 2006

it’s a random update from moi. w00t

anyways. i haven’t felt like updating my blog lately.. not that i haven’t had anything to say… just that i was too lazy to type it out. so this may be long.

i just got off the phone with elisabeth in danmark. she called me tonight after 10pm. and while that may not sound very odd… just remember that danmark is seven hours ahead of us here in the central time zone. so i was a bit surprised… but it was a pleasant surprise to get a phone call from danmark from the wee hours of their morning. šŸ™‚ i must say… it was so great to hear from her. it is such a tremendous blessing to have friends all over the world. but at the same time.. it’s hard… because i’m the kind of person who likes to be around her friends. distance is a bit of a hurtle for me. but hey.. it gives me an excuse to travel more. (like as if i needed an excuse in the first place. *grin*)

the problem with travel.. is that it costs money. as me and ry were “out on the town” yesterday… we stopped by uncle bob’s music.. and i saw the drum set that i want to buy. yea.. i know.. i have a drum set. i’ve actually had the same drum set for around 14 years. it’s been through a lot. and i wasn’t even the first owner of that set. it’s still holding up well… but i want to upgrade. sometime soon. but the drum set that i want to get.. well.. i’ll have to save up money for a while. and then i was thinking.. right now… in my car (a 2001 pontiac sunfire… named pedro) i can fit my whole drum set without cases… and still have room for myself and one other person. if i get a new set of drums.. i will DEFINITELY be wanting to keep them in cases… and the drum set i was looking at is a 7 piece set (instead of my 5 piece set i have now)… so that’s more drums. and what does that mean? it means that i wouldn’t be able to fit those in my car. so now that means i’ll have to wait till i have enough money to 1) buy a new car AND 2) buy the drums and cases. so this means that my new drum set will have to wait much longer than i want. but hey.. that’s life eh? šŸ™‚ and who knows.. we may be getting more paid gigs with the jazz quartet.. so maybe saving up all that money will be surprisingly easy. probably not. but here’s to high expectations šŸ˜›

speaking of music. i’ve found a renewed love for music. and in particular.. new music. (at least music that is new to me) i have gotten some great recommendations from my posts to my last.fm webpage… and i have noticed that my tastes in music have been leaning towards the more “low key” styles lately. i find that i work really well to bands like sigur rós, röyksopp and m83. also in my newly found favs: the sea and cake, pedro the lion, lamb, lemon jelly, one fell swoop, thievery corporation, zero 7 and lots more.

on to my next “d” … designs. i’ve been busy doing design stuff lately. not only at work.. but also for my freelance stuff. i’ve done some design work and photography for the expressions conference…. i’ve done a lot of design work and photography for the band fuller still… i did some more work on the logo for westminster… just to name a few. and i’m in a sharing mood.. so here’s some samples of some of this stuff.

and as for the “other stuff”… i had dinner tonight with my parents and my grandma & grandpa apps. and earlier today i was at my cousin, amanda’s birthday party. i feel old. she’s 18.

any-who.. i’m tired. so this post is herby cut short.
goodnight. šŸ™‚

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