not just one… not two.. not even three….

March 10th, 2006

but SIX interesting/weird things about me. i know.. you are all way too excited.. i’m gonna have to have you all calm down first.


ok. so here’s the deal-e-o. i’ve been tagged… and once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with “6 weird things/habits about yourself”.

in the end you need to choose the 6 people to be tagged and list their names.
don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read yours.

ok. without further ado…

1:: i don’t know when i developed my (almost) hate of capital letters… but i have actually gone through and uncorrected capitalization when typing something in word. i mean.. if it’s an official document or something similar… i will suck it up.. but it still hurts my eyes… almost as much as comic sans. (no offense.. but that’s the worst font ever created. i really want to get one of these t-shirts. )

2:: i’m a germ freak. it’s to the point where i have worn a sweatshirt just so i could open up doors with my sleeve… i know.. it’s sad.

3:: i’m the ‘bop-it extreme’ champion of my family. 99. beat that

4:: more than several times.. i forget that real life != digital life (sorry.. that was nerdy… i should explain that != means “not equal to” in some programming languages.) it’s becoming more and more common where i attempt do do keyboard shortcuts to a) find my keys b) find a word in a written document (on paper mind you) c) undo something or d) all of the above. *shakes head* i need a non digital life.

5:: i need to be surrounded by my friends.. or at least pictures of my friends. you should see my room. i like to decorate with pictures… and.. well.. rubber chickens and mannequin heads.. but that’s besides the point. i love my friends.

6:: i’m a sentimental mush ball. i keep every cutsey and corny thing that anyone has ever given me… made for me… etc. you should see my room. i also can’t throw anything away. oh. and i love sticky notes.

*shrugs* i guess that’s all the weird things you’re gonna get. i’m tired.

i’m tagging yous: ry, sas, korb, jenn, matt, kristen.. and.. YOU. (yea you.. don’t think i didn’t see you hiding over there… )

4 Responses to “not just one… not two.. not even three….”

  1. tree25 says:

    Hope you’re happy ~ check out my site

    Oh yeah, and I totally agree on the digital life != real life.  I’ve done that thing where you look for the “find” function…on a piece of paper.  Like, physical paper.  And I’m a big fan of trying to F9 my life so I can see everything that’s going on

    I gotta ask though, is there a reason we didn’t include the ice-crunching habit in this list? Hmm? Yeah, feel free to suggest other oddities for me too

    Although I would never say, I could stand to see you sometime soon. Maybe I cook for you???

  2. tray says:

    ya know.. i was thinking. “only 6 WEIRD things about me?” i may make this into a different meme.. where there is user participation.. we’ll see.

    and yes. i want f9 in my life!!! w00t!

    i’d love to have you cook for me.. and hang out with you.. sometime.. soon.

  3. tree25 says:

    Of course you felt like you were reading your own mind, we live in the same universe, remember?  I may need you sooner than soon.  I might be “not asking” either today or tomorrow….yeah, it’s looking that bad….what are you up to?

  4. tray says:

    wanna come with me to wisconsin dells for the night? lots of fun… crazy YE people.. and the band that sat on your couch.

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