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March 16th, 2006

that’s what we need in this world.. more memes with fun titles.

speaking of memes with fun titles.. today marks the first time i will participate in the ‘thursday thirteen’ w00t

Thirteen Things about t

1. my pointer finger on my left hand is asleep right now. it’s a little annoying
2. i make to-do lists on multiple sticky notes
3. my to-do list now has 98,398,010,023,278 things on it.
4. i might have exaggerated a bit in point #3
5. it’s snowing right now. happy mid-march in wisconsin. w00t
6. i’ve been using the word ‘w00t’ too much lately.
7. makes me happy
8. at work, we went out to get food at milwaukee public market two times this week.
9. i got the same thing both times.
10. i just got this book today. i’m excited to read it.
11. i also got one of these today because it was on sale.. and i got 200 speedy rewards points for getting them. 🙂
12. i <3 the duck project 🙂
13. my left pointer finger is still asleep. grr

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ok. that was fun. i’ll have to do that again sometime 🙂

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