spring freeeeee for alllllll!

March 31st, 2006

it’s been so long since i REMEMBERED that it was a free for all friday! so guess what?! HAPPY FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY… post on my blog. šŸ™‚

here’s the info:

free for all friday is a day where i have YOU post on my journal instead of me. (and don’t think you can get out of participating in this if you “have nothing to say”… since that never stops me from posting random stuff of no real value on my blog. heh)

i’ll give you a suggested topic, but you have the freedom to post about anything.

now. if you have a login name and password (in order to post comments on my page), you can log in with that info. if you do not have a login name and password already, log in with…
usename: guest
password: freeforall

click on “write” (on the left hand side)… create a post… and click “publish”

sidenote if you are one of my friends reading this on xanga or lj, you will have to log in to my blog on everymoment.org to do this.

ok. now here’s the suggested topic. spring/summer: so.. the weather is warming up… what are your plans for this spring/summer? or what is your favorite part of spring/summer?

ready.. set.. GO!

edit i’m leaving my ‘free for all’ open on friday AND saturday.. so post away… i’m busy all of tomorrow so make my page fun and interesting for when i get back to my computer šŸ˜›

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