up north

May 30th, 2006

yea.. so i randomly took a trip up to our cottage for a day or so.

why you ask? well.. i had to take the computer that i’m selling to my parents up here… and now that i have some free time… it was the perfect time. (and you are probably asking… free time? wait.. you never have free time! and that’s true.. but i was fired from my job late last week… so now i actually do have free time. i refuse to be worried about things… but only look at the positive side of things. so now i have more time to re-focus and organize my life. 😀 )

oh… i was going to post about this earlier.. but i did get pictures from the friday night gig/birthday party thing… it was AWESOME btw. so all my peeps who couldn’t make it … you really missed a great time. but my roommate jenn took some amazing pictures… so take a look at all of them. (ps. be thankful that i only put up around 300 of the 751 pictures that were taken that night…)

anyways. go look at the pictures here 🙂

well.. i don’t have much else to say… cept the fact that i do NOT <3 dial-up internet. but right now. that’s all we’ve got up here. so i’m gonna go outside or something… 😛

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