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packing… again

July 26th, 2006

i feel like i just put my suitcase away. (well.. kinda because i did.. i still had stuff to unpack from my suitcase from my trip to lifest two weeks ago 😛 ) and now i’m packing again. this time i’m going to the global missions event in amherst, massachusetts. 😀 i will be in charge of ‘techy’ stuff again. i can’t wait! i’m not excited about my 6am flight tomorrow, however.

but anyways.. i gotta go finish packing.. and then get some sleep.

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weekend recap

July 23rd, 2006

ok. so it’s almost 5am.. and i really need to get some sleep. i just had such a great time hanging out with friends.. i wanted to get these pictures up and online. so instead of giving you a word-description of my weekend as of now… i’ll give you a picture re-cap. and sorry about the fact that there’s so many of them. but i’ve been so overly blessed with such great experiences this weekend.. i couldn’t narrow the pictures down anymore than this.

some great live jazz, friday night at the jazz estate

the band

my super cool bartender at the jazz estate

i love these lights!

saturday, alice’s wedding

the frank brothers being awkward

the marshals

momma and daughter

alice and wes.. the happy couple

jeremy and dave playing with the baby

future male models... maybe

cari and luc

is it me or does everyone look a little awkward in this pic



then i caught the last couple of songs of ye‘s team rainbow of promise


and then saturday night.. out at mo’nas

the sickenly cute couple. :-)

jess. (sometimes its best to just not ask)

me and jess

seriously.. these two are too adorable. if this doesn't restore your faith in true love.. i don't know what will.

ok. now i’m gonna go to bed now. 🙂

how fitting is this?

July 20th, 2006

‘What will your obituary say?’ at


oh leaky… my dear friend… keep your head up (if you even have a head)

ok. that was fun. i promise i’ll post a REAL blog soon…

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art bar fun!

July 17th, 2006

just some pics from our phones last night…

i like to call this the 'jungle' drink

magnetic art

jess and greta

when you can't DRINK your drink.. you better EAT it.

’twas fun. good people…. lots of laughs… random ‘jungle-like’ drinks…. what more could you ask for on a sunday night?

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welcome to 1997!!

July 14th, 2006

i thought we were beyond the age of corny 3D animated gifs…

well.. apparently the waukesha county fair . com missed that memo


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back in the swing of things..

July 10th, 2006

or lack-there-of

but still.. i’m back to my real world here in milwaukee. i took over 3,000 pictures… but i narrowed them down (a little) and posted them up on and i’m working on second adam‘s site… it should be up and fully running soon.

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man.. it’s dusty here.

July 8th, 2006

i keep cleaning off my computer… and it just keeps getting dirty again.

oh well.

another couple hundred pictures were uploaded here… including: salvador, delirious?, rebecca st. james, michael w. smith, jars of clay, and of course, second adam (which is why i’m here… so the majority of the pictures are of those guys… since that’s what i get paid for 😛 ) they are playing two more times today, and i’m excited to see kutless, skillet and a couple other bands.

but things are going well here. the weather is awesome and the music is loud (thank God for good ear-plug headphones! 😀 )


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day two

July 6th, 2006

and the picture count is over 1,000

i’m taking a break from walking around and taking pictures… i’m sitting.. eating free food.. checking my email… posting pictures… chatting with bands…. etc.

hey.. tell me this… how come guys in bands wear pants that are way too tight? and why doesn’t the fact that they may not look all that good in these tight pants stop them from wearing said pants? i mean.. yea.. some guys… they can pull it off… but not EVERYONE can! and where’s the female musicians? *looks around* anyone? hello?

ok. i’m gonna go now. the lifest pictures are here… i’m uploading another 300 right now… they’ll be up soon. i’m sure i’ll be taking pictures at rebecca st. james and maybe michael w. smith tonight…


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July 5th, 2006

yea… that’s right. i’m all important and stuff….

i get free food and free wireless…

and i’ve never been so close to the newsboys… ever.

ok. i’m gonna stop being a dork…. (plus.. my battery on my ‘puter is getting a bit low… )

pictures. soon. very soon.

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lifest '06

July 5th, 2006

i’m going here… just finishing up my packing… i’m going as their “manager” (well.. that’s at least my title for during lifest)… i’ll be taking lots of pictures.. don’t you worry.