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favorite pics of me

August 30th, 2006

i must first point out .. that this was not my idea. i actually got this “assignment” from rymo.. and it sounded like fun.

secondly… i’m not sure if this was meant to be a start of a meme… but i’m going to treat it that way.. and give you all the same assignment that ry posted on his blog.

so here’s the deal:

1. find your five favorite pictures of yourself (i cheated on this one… i ended up spending about an hour and a half looking through old pictures online… and found 13. so i’m going with my top 13. deal)
2. post them on your blog (don’t give me an excuse of “i don’t know how to upload/post pictures”… because there are plenty of webpages to help you with that..)
3. comment on my blog with your #1 pick, and a link to the rest of your pictures.

ready, set, go.

and here’s my “top pics”

(this pic just makes me laugh every time i see it.)

me and liste
(this one makes me laugh as well.. and it’s an absolutely awful picture of me.. but it was the good memory of that trip that makes this a favorite pic.)

me and michele
(michele dressed in drag one night because a friend dared her to… it was fun)

me, liste and sara
(walking around seatle with two of my favorite danes behind me.)

me and sunitha
(one of my favorite people.. sunitha)

me and the torbits
(some more of my favorite people.. the torbits!)

me and sar
(one of my oldest ‘online’ friends.. sar! she (and her old webpage: was one of the people who inspired me to buy

(yea.. me taking pictures. surprised? yea.. i didn’t think so)

me and kim zick
(me and my drum teacher, kim zick. this was at a gig in may, and we are both playing the same drum set. it was an amazing experience… and it made me realize how ALL songs should have more than ONE drummer *grin*)

me and tiviar
(me and my old 17″ powerbook, tiviar.)

more danes!
(hey look.. another dane! this was on bornholm at a teen camp.)

me and some awesome friends
(this was another great moment for me on the road. all these people came with less than 3 hours notice to one of my concerts just north of milwaukee. it was such a surprise to see how many people came to hear us play… i have been so blessed with amazing friends. this picture is a great reminder of that)

me in my ipod
(and this one is just fun. 🙂 )

ok. so there. now i expect to see some great pictures of you all. 😀


August 29th, 2006

ok. not really. but i thought it would be a cute idea for a desktop image. click to see the full size screen shot….


yea. this is what happens when a graphic designer doesn’t have a job… sad isn’t it?

but in other news.. i bought a desk and a tv table today at target. i love that store more and more.

anyways. even though i took a nap today.. i’m tired. i’m going to bed.

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sans computer and sans internet no longer

August 24th, 2006

so i’ve been absent from my blog for a while… and for several reasons.

one of the main reasons is cuz i just got my laptop back from the genius bar. multiple things were going wrong with my macbook pro and i took it in to be repaired. they estimated anywhere from a week to two weeks, since the problem seemed to be caused by mulitiple hardware failure/glitches. but to my surprise they had it done in less than a week… and i they replaced several things inside my computer… it’s basically like a brand new computer in the old body…. all covered by applecare. (and actually.. the repair costs alone were as much as my applecare… and i still have coverage until 2009. 🙂 ) gosh.. i love apple more and more.

in other news.. i finally have most of my ‘stuff’ over at my new apartment. i’m just waiting to hear about a job interview i had to see if i can go buy some more shelves… (entertainment center, bookcase, desk, more shelves, etc) to take my stuff out of boxes. and organize my life. but that will have to wait for a bit.

right now i’m waiting for the cable guy to come give me road runner… hence the reason why i have time to blog. (and you are probably wondering how i can access the internet before i have internet installed at my apartment… well…. lets just say that some people who install wireless internet in their apartments, don’t know how to password protect their access… so other people can borrow it temporarily while they are waiting for their own internet 😛 )

i have lots of pictures to put online.. but they are on my ‘big’ computer (the one without wireless internet…. ) so i’ll wait a little longer for that.

ok. i love having so many awesome friends and family… i just got a phone call with a lead for ANOTHER job opening! this is so great.

last night we saw the movie peaceful warrior. it was really good.. and it’s a shame that it’s not playing everywhere… and is only playing at the downer theatre until today. it really wasn’t playing that long. that’s too bad. but hey.. when it comes out on dvd… i suggest that everyone goes and buys it. 🙂

anyways.. that’s about all i got. i just wanted to update my blog.. since i have neglected it for so long. i’ll be posting more regularly when i have my internet thing all worked out. 🙂

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last weekend’s pics.

August 10th, 2006

i finally got the pictures from beca and seth‘s wedding last weekend.

here’s the pictures from the rehearsal on friday and here are the pictures from the wedding and reception on saturday. my camera battery died at the reception, so i missed some pretty funny points of the night… but there are still pleeeeaaanty of good pictures that were captured. 😀

enjoy. i’m gonna go get some work done.

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new toy!!!

August 8th, 2006

so yea… i forgot to tell you all.. i got my new camera. and i LOVE IT!!!

YAY!  new camera!

i think my new camera needs a name

all my friends will be happy to know that this camera takes pictures FASTER… and can take MORE pictures in a ROW! 😀

oh. and i had a job interview today. i’m excited about it. and that’s all i have to say about that.

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dis is da breakup song…

August 7th, 2006

this website is one of the funniest pages i’ve seen lately. go make your own break-up song over at 😛

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the beauty of the internet is….

August 3rd, 2006

that you can find icons like this

that makes me happy. almost as much as this does.


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the epitome of random

August 2nd, 2006

  • i miss doing blog entries of random lists.
  • i upgraded my digital camera (aka. i bought a new one)
  • i sold a book
  • (hence the reason why i was able to afford the new camera)
  • i really want to change the layout on
  • i enjoy using my tablet
  •’s new layout may be directly effected by the previous point.
  • my car passed it’s test today.
  • i really enjoyed the fact that the vehicle inspection site had webcams
  • i watched them for a while.
  • i swear that this laptop gets hotter and hotter every day.
  • maybe macbook pro‘s have their own “global warming”
  • there is finally a cool breeze coming through the window
  • this makes me happy
  • i’m hungry
  • i finally added the pictures from tuesday night here
  • speaking of pictures… remember when i said i went to the global missions event thing?
  • well… i’m back from that.
  • and i took pictures
  • and they are here
  • i like bullet points
  • i also like noodles & company more and more
  • someone stop me from going through my blog archives…
  • i just realized that it is well after 1am (since i just spent the last half an hour going through my blog archives)
  • i’m going to bed now
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    my knees are sweating.

    August 1st, 2006

    i hate being this hot and uncomfortable. tells me that it’s only 86 degrees.. (and the “feels like” temp is at 95 degrees) but the kicker is that the humidity is a good 72%.

    i want central air.

    heck. i’ll take MOVING air.

    this is just…



    ok. i’ll stop complaining.

    well.. just one last thing. i’m moving. i don’t like moving. and this heat makes me want to do absolutely NOTHING.

    <fun and other good stuff>

    last night was fun. i went out to a new bar/tavern with my new roommate to visit one of her friends. it started off as “hey.. lets go see my friend.. he’s bar-tending tonight” .. but then unfolded into a crazy night of shanna running into people she knew at the bar.. and a whole lot of laughing, dancing, networking and just plain fun. i even had a drink named after me. 🙂

    and while i’m not excited to go through the actual act of moving …. i am, however, excited about where i’m moving to. i’ll actually be able to have all my computer and art stuff in one room, instead of having to ‘split’ my stuff between my room and the common living room (like at my apartment where i am now).. and i have some ideas to make use of the space even better… i’m excited about that.

    anyways. this computer is hot. i think i should go lie in front of a fan… or stand in the freezer again.

    i’ll post pictures of last night once my bluetooth starts working for me again. (i think my computer is also not liking the heat and is pouting because i continue to keep it working in this heat 😛 )

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