the epitome of random

August 2nd, 2006

  • i miss doing blog entries of random lists.
  • i upgraded my digital camera (aka. i bought a new one)
  • i sold a book
  • (hence the reason why i was able to afford the new camera)
  • i really want to change the layout on
  • i enjoy using my tablet
  •’s new layout may be directly effected by the previous point.
  • my car passed it’s test today.
  • i really enjoyed the fact that the vehicle inspection site had webcams
  • i watched them for a while.
  • i swear that this laptop gets hotter and hotter every day.
  • maybe macbook pro‘s have their own “global warming”
  • there is finally a cool breeze coming through the window
  • this makes me happy
  • i’m hungry
  • i finally added the pictures from tuesday night here
  • speaking of pictures… remember when i said i went to the global missions event thing?
  • well… i’m back from that.
  • and i took pictures
  • and they are here
  • i like bullet points
  • i also like noodles & company more and more
  • someone stop me from going through my blog archives…
  • i just realized that it is well after 1am (since i just spent the last half an hour going through my blog archives)
  • i’m going to bed now
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    2 Responses to “the epitome of random”

    1. avtechx says:

      old one?

      what are you doing with your old digital camera? is it still in good condition??? would you be willing to sell her?

      • tapps says:

        Re: old one?

        weeeeeelllllllll.. my first plan is to lend it to penny to take pictures at a wedding in minnesota. then once she ships it back, i was planning on selling it… my roommate was interested in it.. .but if she doesn’t have the cash to buy it… then it’ll be up for grabs. it’s still in wonderful working condition for the most part… the only thing is that the internal light meter has been acting wacky in high humidity situations. but then it just requires manually setting shutter speed and aperture…. and it works fine.

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