August 29th, 2006

ok. not really. but i thought it would be a cute idea for a desktop image. click to see the full size screen shot….


yea. this is what happens when a graphic designer doesn’t have a job… sad isn’t it?

but in other news.. i bought a desk and a tv table today at target. i love that store more and more.

anyways. even though i took a nap today.. i’m tired. i’m going to bed.

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6 Responses to “iMtrapped”

  1. zodac says:

    lol…it says “my rubber chicken!”

  2. cattyeyz says:

    The gremlins have got Tracy!!!!

    This strikes me as very ‘X-Files’. In particular, the episode where Scully gets kidnapped by a psycho guy who’s intentions are imprinted on any blank film around. He wants to give Scully a lobotomy. Luckily, she speaks German and Mulder saves her… ^^


  3. stiffie says:

    I wish I were about 1/64th as talented as you.
    Then I could rule the world!

    • tapps says:

      oh. but you are. and you can.

      hey… here’s an idea.. lets take over the world together! that’d be fun! 😀

      and the first thing on our agenda…

      replace all the freeways with those inflatable jumpy things! 😀 lets see someone TRY to have road rage when they are jumping in a gigantic inflated castle! 🙂

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