favorite pics of me

August 30th, 2006

i must first point out .. that this was not my idea. i actually got this “assignment” from rymo.. and it sounded like fun.

secondly… i’m not sure if this was meant to be a start of a meme… but i’m going to treat it that way.. and give you all the same assignment that ry posted on his blog.

so here’s the deal:

1. find your five favorite pictures of yourself (i cheated on this one… i ended up spending about an hour and a half looking through old pictures online… and found 13. so i’m going with my top 13. deal)
2. post them on your blog (don’t give me an excuse of “i don’t know how to upload/post pictures”… because there are plenty of webpages to help you with that..)
3. comment on my blog with your #1 pick, and a link to the rest of your pictures.

ready, set, go.

and here’s my “top pics”

(this pic just makes me laugh every time i see it.)

me and liste
(this one makes me laugh as well.. and it’s an absolutely awful picture of me.. but it was the good memory of that trip that makes this a favorite pic.)

me and michele
(michele dressed in drag one night because a friend dared her to… it was fun)

me, liste and sara
(walking around seatle with two of my favorite danes behind me.)

me and sunitha
(one of my favorite people.. sunitha)

me and the torbits
(some more of my favorite people.. the torbits!)

me and sar
(one of my oldest ‘online’ friends.. sar! she (and her old webpage: sarahonline.com) was one of the people who inspired me to buy tracyapps.org)

(yea.. me taking pictures. surprised? yea.. i didn’t think so)

me and kim zick
(me and my drum teacher, kim zick. this was at a gig in may, and we are both playing the same drum set. it was an amazing experience… and it made me realize how ALL songs should have more than ONE drummer *grin*)

me and tiviar
(me and my old 17″ powerbook, tiviar.)

more danes!
(hey look.. another dane! this was on bornholm at a teen camp.)

me and some awesome friends
(this was another great moment for me on the road. all these people came with less than 3 hours notice to one of my concerts just north of milwaukee. it was such a surprise to see how many people came to hear us play… i have been so blessed with amazing friends. this picture is a great reminder of that)

me in my ipod
(and this one is just fun. šŸ™‚ )

ok. so there. now i expect to see some great pictures of you all. šŸ˜€


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  1. rymo says:

    Woo hoo!

    Great stuff…BUT…I shouldn’t be surprised that when asked to post five pictures, you posted like…14 or so.

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