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September 29th, 2006

i’ve been reflecting a lot on my groups of friends i have had over the years.

i realize how many people i know / have known through the years… and i’m floored. yet it kinda makes me sad to think of all the people that i haven’t talked to in a long while. and actually i have just recently been going through another one of those “friend shift” periods in my life… not by my choice.. but it’s just how life goes. i’m realizing more and more that i can’t keep my “old” friends just as they ‘were’… and i have to let go and let both sides grow as God intends them to.

see… the funny thing about these recent thoughts of ‘friend-circles’ has come up in really random ways in my life lately. for example, our latest gig with the jazz quartet…. i was SUPER excited about, and told as many of my friends as i could. yet all my friends that said they would ‘try to make it’… never showed. and actually, only two of the 40+ people that i invited came to the show. but despite the fact that virtually none of my friends were there, the place was FILLED with familiar faces.. and i was surrounded by a great number of ‘new-circle-of-friends’ type people. it was awesome to see so many people come to hear US! i think we have a good chance of getting another gig at the mosaic in the future. i really hope so, since i had such a great time playing there. 🙂

now i don’t want this blog to sound like “oh.. poor me.. my friends don’t come to hear me play..blah blah”… because that’s not what i feel at all. i mean.. i AM sad that i don’t see / hang out with / talk to my ‘old’ friends as much. but i really am blessed with some great friends, and have ALWAYS been blessed with great friends. just because the ‘seasons’ of my ‘close friends’ changes, it’s still a blessing to have had the opportunity to cross paths with so many wonderful people throughout my life.

and this fact makes me think about how many people in this world WILL i run into throughout my days? i’ve already met SO many people… and i’m only 27 years old. it reminds me again and again to never ‘burn bridges’.. since i never know if i will run into certain people again in my life. hey.. they might be my boss someday…. or worse yet… be preparing my food 😛 this is where i don’t understand how people can be rude to people they don’t know. i mean.. the other day.. i was sitting in the drive through at wendy’s.. just to get a soda and a little snack… and the drive through lady just looked like she was having the worse night. i watched as the guy in front of me angrily pulled out of the drive through line, squealing his tires because there was a couple minute wait…. and seeing her having ‘technical problems’ with the cash register, so the manager had to come over and put some sort of code in the machine to get it to work… and all these things just happening in the 3 or so minutes that i was there. i’m sure she interacted with some pretty crabby customers throughout the night. yet through all of this stuff, i just smiled as she gave me my food and i told her to ‘try to have a good night.’ and for the first time in those minutes, i saw a smile emerge from out of nowhere.

seriously people. if a smile is all it takes to get another person to smile…. why don’t we do that more often?

wouldn’t life be easier if we would just be nice to people that we meet in our lives? wouldn’t we all be healthier for doing so?

ok. i’ll get off my soap box now… i never know exactly where i am going with these blogs… but that’s just how my brain works. have a great weekend everyone. and SMILE and a stranger… or two… or fifteen….

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guess what?

September 27th, 2006

yep. facebook is now open for all.

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mind map goodness

September 25th, 2006

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - A Portal to another MindMap! - A Portal to another MindMap! Hales Corners, Wisconsin - A Portal to another MindMap! - A Portal to another MindMap! Concord, New Hampshire - A Portal to another MindMap! - A Portal to another MindMap! A Portal to another MindMap! A Portal to another MindMap! - A Portal to another MindMap! A Portal to another MindMap! - A Portal to another MindMap! Marquette, Michigan - A Portal to another MindMap! - A Portal to another MindMap! A Portal to another MindMap! Milwaukee, Wisconsin - A Portal to another MindMap! - A Portal to another MindMap! Milwaukee, Wisconsin Hales Corners, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Chicago, Illinois Clinton, Illinois Spring Hill, Florida Greendale, Wisconsin Bowling Green, Ohio Grand Rapids, Michigan Horicon, Wisconsin New Jersey Madison, Wisconsin Indiana


one anothers

September 17th, 2006

someone posted this here… i just had to share it with you all

it’s a good reminder of how we should be treating one another The Glimmer Man buy


September 12th, 2006

anyone want to buy me an early Christmas present?

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a random a-z survey

September 7th, 2006

[A is for Age:] 27

[B is for Beer of choice:] none (since don’t like beer)

[C is for career:] nerd

[D is for favorite Drink:] killer kool-aid

[E is for essential item you use everyday:] my ipod

[F is for favorite song at the moment:] ?

[G is for favorite games:] uhh.. carmageddon II, excitebike, apples to apples, balderdash.

[H is for hometown:] milwaukee, wisconsin

[I is for instruments you play/played:] drums, guitar, piano

[J is for favorite juice?:] oj

[K is for kids?:] nope

[L is for last call?:] michele

[M is for marriage:] nope

[N is for name of your first true love]: not sure

[O is for overnight hospital stays:] none that i remember

[P is for phobias:] spiders.

[Q is for quote:] w00t

[R is for biggest regret:] none

[S is for self confidence:] sometimes

[T is for time you wake up:] whenever i want.

[U is for underwear:] whatever’s on sale (usually those 3-5 packs) 🙂 my underwear collection is nowhere near stylish… but it’s comfy. 🙂

[V is for vegetable you love:] eh. me and vegetables have a civil relationship.. but no more than that.

[W is for worst habit:] getting distracted so easily

[X is for x-rays you’ve had:] ankle, side, wrist, and probably some others that i don’t remember

[Y is for yummy food you make:] anything that’s pre-made. 😛 ok. i guess i can cook frikadeller. mmmmmm

[Z is for zodiac sign :] taurus

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September 5th, 2006

this is hilarious…

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September 1st, 2006

so it seems as if i only blog picture posts.

but that’s not gonna stop me from posting another picture blog right now. 🙂

so this was my night last night…

all you mac users out there will notice that these pictures were taken with photobooth. and for all you windows pc people out there… photobooth ALONE is worth the purchase of a new mac. trust me on this one.

anyways. great times were had… many laughs were… laughed…

gosh i have some great friends. 🙂

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