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come… have a seat

November 30th, 2006

on my new furniture!


yep. my couch was delivered today. so i finally am getting around to posting pictures of the dining room table (and chairs) that i got weeks ago… as well as pics of my brand new sectional 😀

table from

table and my plates from target

fun plates!

matching colors. yay!

new couch!

couch from builtrite, lamp from target

mmm.. yummy brown pillows!

i’ve got a couple more things to set up in the living room.. i also have more room than expected.. so i may look for a nice comfy chair to add to my living room in the future. i also know how many end tables i will need / can fit in my living room.

can i tell you how excited i am to have all matching ‘stuff’?!?

i’m excited to have all matching ‘stuff’!!!


ok. that’s all for now. all this excitement has worn me out. i’m gonna go to bed now.

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i’m alive..

November 27th, 2006

i just realized it has been almost two whole weeks since i’ve posted here. thanksgiving was fun. i took lots of pictures. i’ll try to write a more interesting entry later… then i’ll include some pics. how’s that sound?

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aaand… patty larkin

November 17th, 2006

and i’m going to see patty larkin tonight. 😀 !!!

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sad day on my face

November 17th, 2006

i temporarily forgot how old i was and had to check my age on my myspace profile.

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i said i’d blog tonight. but i’m not.

November 14th, 2006

so.. i was going to post an update on my life.. since so many fun/humourous/awesome things have happened lately… but i guess that will just have to wait.. since it’s late and i’m tired.

however.. i did finally start working on a layout for … it’s not done yet.. but you can see a preview with the little “coming soon” graphic. and in preparation for the grand launch of JHFJ… start taking pictures of yourself and/or others doing ‘jazz hands’… and send them over to me. 🙂

ok. that’s all. i’m going to bed now.

*jazz hands*

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i only seem to blog on my lunch break…

November 14th, 2006

and today is no exception.

cept i really plan on sitting down and writing a more in-depth blog tonight after my drum lesson.

but for now.. i just wanted to say that i’m still alive. 🙂 take a look at the new pictures i added on

ok. that’s all for now.

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waiting our turn…

November 8th, 2006

i could post on how certain election results made me sick to my stomach.

i could echo the concerns and disgust of several other bloggers (but they’ve said things well enough the first time… so i’ll just encourage you to read their words directly.)

i could move to a place where “the people” push for progress instead of disaster.

i could continue to be sad / depressed / angry / mad about the well-being of our state.

but instead i will pray. i will pray for the thousands of people who are hurt by so-called “Christians” and their actions. when i first read about this amendment being a “political trick” to get conservative voters to the polls to help out the republican party… i couldn’t believe the absolute evil intentions of pushing people around. and i truly didn’t think that so many people would just *not* see this ploy. i don’t understand how politics can be so dirty, yet “we the people” still accept that and continue to buy into it. if i used these same ‘tactics’ for dealing with my friends… i would die a very lonely person. but whatever… that’s just how politics are here in this beautiful country of ours. and i really can’t complain.. because i really don’t have a solution to offer. *shrugs*

i am upset about the way my fellow wisconsinites voted. yes. but i must say that i’m overwhelmed with how good my friends are. i’ve gotten several messages asking how i was doing or expressing their concern about the results. and actually.. it was truly a “hug from God” when i was driving home from senator plale’s election party… right outside the uwm campus there was a group of students holding “vote no” signs and posters… yelling… chanting… etc. and one of them held a sign that said “honk if you voted NO.” i honked. they cheered. it made me smile.

my generation is starting to get fired up about the way this country is run… and being frustrated is only going to push us forward to change.

we just have a little bit longer way to go now.

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remember to vote!

November 6th, 2006

hey all i figure since i’ve got a couple minutes left on my lunch break, why not post to my blog eh?

yesterday i did something for the first time.. and it really took me out of my comfort zone. i went door-to-door as a volunteer with fair wisconsin to remind people to vote NO on the marriage amendment tomorrow. it was actually pretty fun, since i was right around the uwm area, so i ended up knocking on a door of one of my good friends from uwm. 🙂 and also, the fact that i talked to other supporters of fair wisconsin really encouraged me tremendously. seeing people who actually care about other people’s rights instead of trying to hurt people.. really gives me a boost of hope for the future of the whole human family.

so EVERYBODY remember to vote. and all you wisconsin voters.. don’t forget to vote no on the marriage amendment tomorrow!

in other news… this is why we have 8.5″ x 11″ as the default ‘letter size’ paper in the states

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vote no!

November 1st, 2006

even this journal sentinel author says to vote no

i sure hope wisconsin voters don’t push us backwards in time by voting for this amendment. i mean.. seriously.. if we legalize discrimination for one group of people.. where will it stop? will we continue to amend the constitution to legalize slavery next?

go ahead and read a very well written and smart blog entry about this very subject

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