waiting our turn…

November 8th, 2006

i could post on how certain election results made me sick to my stomach.

i could echo the concerns and disgust of several other bloggers (but they’ve said things well enough the first time… so i’ll just encourage you to read their words directly.)

i could move to a place where “the people” push for progress instead of disaster.

i could continue to be sad / depressed / angry / mad about the well-being of our state.

but instead i will pray. i will pray for the thousands of people who are hurt by so-called “Christians” and their actions. when i first read about this amendment being a “political trick” to get conservative voters to the polls to help out the republican party… i couldn’t believe the absolute evil intentions of pushing people around. and i truly didn’t think that so many people would just *not* see this ploy. i don’t understand how politics can be so dirty, yet “we the people” still accept that and continue to buy into it. if i used these same ‘tactics’ for dealing with my friends… i would die a very lonely person. but whatever… that’s just how politics are here in this beautiful country of ours. and i really can’t complain.. because i really don’t have a solution to offer. *shrugs*

i am upset about the way my fellow wisconsinites voted. yes. but i must say that i’m overwhelmed with how good my friends are. i’ve gotten several messages asking how i was doing or expressing their concern about the results. and actually.. it was truly a “hug from God” when i was driving home from senator plale’s election party… right outside the uwm campus there was a group of students holding “vote no” signs and posters… yelling… chanting… etc. and one of them held a sign that said “honk if you voted NO.” i honked. they cheered. it made me smile.

my generation is starting to get fired up about the way this country is run… and being frustrated is only going to push us forward to change.

we just have a little bit longer way to go now.

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2 Responses to “waiting our turn…”

  1. arizona and not wisconsin, i don’t even know what to say
    just remember how you felt, and others felt, in 2004, 2000.
    and now, in 2006, in a congressional election,
    you had so many people involved. i don’t believe in the word tsunami or wave, but whatever it is, it has really shown itself, not just in young people standing up for their country, but america as a whole.

  2. breeerose says:

    The government can keep people from entering into legal unions. But it can’t stop people from loving, and as long as we keep doing that, things WILL change. I truly believe that.

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