come… have a seat

November 30th, 2006

on my new furniture!


yep. my couch was delivered today. so i finally am getting around to posting pictures of the dining room table (and chairs) that i got weeks ago… as well as pics of my brand new sectional 😀

table from

table and my plates from target

fun plates!

matching colors. yay!

new couch!

couch from builtrite, lamp from target

mmm.. yummy brown pillows!

i’ve got a couple more things to set up in the living room.. i also have more room than expected.. so i may look for a nice comfy chair to add to my living room in the future. i also know how many end tables i will need / can fit in my living room.

can i tell you how excited i am to have all matching ‘stuff’?!?

i’m excited to have all matching ‘stuff’!!!


ok. that’s all for now. all this excitement has worn me out. i’m gonna go to bed now.

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4 Responses to “come… have a seat”

  1. electroblood says:

    wow what a gorgeous set up!

  2. abbrusc says:

    The red is gorgeous! Congrats on your new purchases. 🙂

    • tapps says:

      thanks! i love colors… i’m glad that the apartment already had those two walls painted before i moved in…

      and i’m also thankful that the color that i had to work with wasn’t some ugly color 😛

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