chili, math and trees

December 19th, 2006

so it’s been a while since i’ve posted. i’m sorry about that. but not too sorry. i’ve got a couple minutes left of my lunch break, so i’m gonna see what i can blog about right now.

so i’ve been busy with work. it’s been super fun… since the holidays are approaching.. there’s all sorts of “fun” things going on here. last week we got a Christmas tree from another office (out of state)… and they treated us to pizza.. and we decorated the tree. today the whole office (which is basically like two different companies under one roof… just for simplicity’s sake) had a chili competition called the “Chili Bowl II.” i ate so much chili i think some sort of crazy chemical reaction is happening in my stomach as we speak i type.

*pauses to read her title of this entry.. for she forgot what she was going to say next*

hey all you math people out there…. well… anyone who has gone through simple elementary math at least. you will get a kick out of this: there is a link on that page to “listen to the call“… it’s long.. but it’s hilarious. make sure you find some time to listen to this….. it’s simply amazing how some people just don’t “get it”…. and why exactly are schools budgets getting CUT?!?! this is a prime example of why we need to put MORE effort into our school systems in this country!

ok. enough of that rant.

and one more thing… go elf-a-size yourself 🙂

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  1. coquibaby says:

    so the funny thing about the verizon math website is that is actually my FRIENDS voicemail and story and apparantly this guy is making money on it with google ads…interesting…unless he just “happened” to have the exact same phone call with my friend’s voice also being his…

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