i had forgotten how much i liked animal crackers

January 15th, 2007

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i’m just finishing up my lunch.. and an overpriced bag of animal crackers… and it was good

hey.. is anyone looking for any of the following: a martin backpacker guitar, dragon naturally speaking 7 (computer software) or akitten? (sorry.. this only applies to milwaukee people. there will be no shipping cats here.)

this weekend was fun. i’m one step closer to a new design for metafourjazz.com -) oh.. and i made posters about our upcoming gig:

ok. my lunch break is almost over.

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4 Responses to “i had forgotten how much i liked animal crackers”

  1. cthulhu777 says:

    are you guys constantly swapping out players?

  2. vaudesar says:

    you look so adorable in that poster! i love.

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