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January 16th, 2007

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we were talking at dinner last night about being truly aware of our surroundings. and what it would feel like to live life in a true ‘aware’ state of being. just think of the example of eating… one piece of chocolate. like.. one herseys’ kiss. experiencing and noticing EVERY aspect of that event… the weight of the chocolate… the feel of the tinfoil… unwrapping the tinfoil and listening to the sound it makes… looking at the color of the chocolate… noticing the shape and texture… etc. and that’s just one piece of chocolate! what if we experienced life that way? what would that look like? people would probably think were were a nutcase.. but that’s besides the point. -) we also would be better and more calm drivers… we wouldn’t feel that we ‘wasted’ those precious times with our family and friends… we would notice if someone needs something… we would notice what we were stepping in… we would hear all the ‘music’ that surrounds us every moment of every day… we would be aware of how our actions are effecting those around us.. our earth.. fellow living creatures… nature.. etc.

so speaking of being ‘aware’… there’s a tremendous odor in our break room. it’s bad.

and a completely different topic… i spent my whole lunch hour looking through pictures on… the webpage of the nejsum family in danmark. it was so great to look through those pictures.. and see all the kids growing up… getting older… growing taller.. etc. seeing the family continue to grow… and just seeing the complete joy of family gatherings in the eyes of all in attendance. it reminds me of why i love pictures so much. i love taking them to capture moments (especially when people don’t notice the camera… and just live life like they were normally).. and then being able to look at that picture later.. contemplate the moment.. cherish the moment… sometimes learn from the moment. seeing the moment… taken out of ‘context’… and maybe having a clearer view of that moment…

… so maybe that wasn’t a different topic after all.

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